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Tinted lenses work, a review.


I informed the community last year of the 'astonishing' effects after being tested for and prescribed tinted lenses. I have been wearing them now for a few months and I'd like to review what has happened. They have definitely worked, relieving many symptoms of PCS. They work more or less instantly and over a short period of time, a week or so, improvement continues rapidly then slows down. The initial effects for visual problems, glare and pattern movement, is such a relief however after a while a few problems crop up. The lenses are limited to particular light conditions, mine work in overcast conditions in daylight and only a short period of time 20-30 mins on sunny, clear sky days. They do not work in fluorescent or LED lighting, there is a rapid reversal back to the mess of PCS. I contacted the inventor of the visual system to find a solution to this problem. He told me to try a darker version of the tint, also that each different light source may require a different tint and also that there may not be a tint that helps. It's a matter of trial and error, the lenses are an aid not a cure for the problem. I am going to get retested soon to try and find a solution, I will keep the community updated.

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I wore tinted lenses (for distance) before having cataracts removed but found the tints weren't efficient for night driving and was blinded by oncoming headlights and those bright, flashing lights on bicycles. Unfortunately the new lenses, inserted after the cataracts were removed, have suffered from 'misting' so the problem is even worse now, affecting both close and distance vision.

I'm due for laser treatment and in the meantime looking for anti-glare spectacles. Hope you get yours fixed to a reasonable standard soon. Catx

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Hi mine came with a warning not to use them at night. I see you are looking for anti glare, that would be polarising lenses, good luck thanks for reply


I have just recently got prescription glasses for distance(no idea how people walk in varifoicals!),with tint,and anti glare. Plus found polarised one's i fit over the top other week(Boots £25). Most things ok,but a seperate polarised pair i can't wear with prescription are more effective,BUT nothing works with LED's(particularly traffic lights!)they feel like they are burning my eyes,i just stay in at night as mostly how my focal seizures start! That and dealing with traffic/people is just too much-am fatigued by evening anyway!

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Hi Homer48, how did you find out about tinted lenses, who tested you and was a neuropsychologist involved?

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Just told by a well known opticians(not Boots! LOL)-as i payed for them,is another extra they wacked on in price.

Has the thing that darkens when too light,tint,and anti glare,aswell as prescription for distance.

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