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My weekend pattern

So my weekend pattern I will try and make it something like this:

Sleep then motivation songs then sleep

I have had a colleague who is my neighbour who saw the state I came in at work pop round and sit with me for 4 hours and then invite me for Sunday dinner tomorrow and he gave me his number and said If I want to offload in the middle of the night you know where I live (top of my street) or you can all me any time if I'm not there I wont be far away

Update In picture format as I can be another to retype it

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so sleep has *not* yet come ..... *cries* and im stuck in limbo I need to wear myself out but my brain is going" "nopey nope nope just liiiieeeee heeerrrrrrrre and go mental i still need recover time so please get off your stupid phone and turn off the god damn light"

my body is physically aching with exhaustion



still cant sleep :-( i got so bored i start writing quotes from people over the years to put in a good though jar thing and each quote is on between 1-3 lines and i have a page and half of quotes


Sounds like a good neighbour,hope the rest of the weekend that's still left,is restful.

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What a good man to try to help you. I hope you found a very good friend. X


When i cant sleep Bexx i write in a journal, all the thoughts going round and round in my head.

It would probably make strange reading to someone else, but it helps me clear my mind.

I then settle down with an audio book and i find i drift off them.

May be worth a try

Janet x

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Hi All, I went onto this gaming forum that Im a memeber of (I have been a memeber since 13 when my mum first got me a pc when i was out of hospital and brought me this game that Ive followed and grown to love over the years so ive been talking to these people for a very long time) and they have a live chat and because they are all in america when i log on at 1am its the middle of the day and i spill how im feeling and i get so many hugging emojis (this was around 4am) and I shortly fell asleep after due to the screen glare (my mum falls asleep with the tv on and stuff same think worked for me) and it is 11am and I have just woken up, I have a coffee which im going to drink then jump in the shower while my phones on charge, get ready and then go visit my neighbor as he said I can pop round any time and I said if im not ther by 3 knock on my door because chances are i will be purposly to busy and will foorget :-)

im also going to listen to more music (like i said) while i shower ect but I know i run the risk for doing nothing but listening to nothing BUT music which is fine but i want/need to do other stuff to do as well

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Added update in picture format as I cant be bothered to re type


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