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Subdural Hematoma Constant Fear (after effects)


I was having headaches and requested a CT Scan, once I left Radiology, found out I have two small subdural hematomas and was sent to ER. No, I did not hit my head that I can remember, however at my age I was hitting the gym very hard with 2 straight hours of excessive exercising (cycle sprint/body combat/body pump) the doctors think that added stress to my body and brain. Had another CT Scan and the neurosurgeon sent me home because I had very slight bleeding and just a lot of rest, no exercising. He did tell me if it was dangerous I would not be leaving his office. Have another CT Scan scheduled later in August. I have this constant fear and reoccurring... I guess this is normal. I have to learn to just take one day at a time and have to live life one day at a time. I was a world traveler, now has change my life so can't help but get depressed but I am not Betty Downer and must move on...Does anyone has these feelings too....

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It is a big shock, i'd agree with the doctors and try not to worry and carry on with your life, with the exception of heavy exercise.

It will get better and you'll get back to doing silly amounts of exercise, I had a fractured skull and a Subdural and Epidural Bleeds. i'm back doing silly amounts of exercise.

Hi there. I have an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in my brain (AVM) and belong to another forum specifically for that condition. People on it say that we (AVM-ers) should avoid excessive exercise particularly that which involves strain (eg weights) due to the pressure it puts on the brain. Aside from taking this advice I just try to carry on with life as normal though as worrying is more likely to lead to consequences in my experience. I know its hard but ty to just take life one day at a time. Good luck.

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