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Worried about my mum



New to this so hope someone out there can help please.

My mother has had two lots of brain surgery to remove a lesion from her brain.

Both surgeries were over ten years ago and considered successful.

My concern now is that my mother seems to be exhibiting more confusion than she has in the past and I am worried that this might be the lesion returning?

I don't live locally to my mum and she still works part time and drives but she is fiercely independent and so I don't know how to help from a distance?

Thank you so much for reading.

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All you can do from a distance is tell your mum you're worried about her and persuade her to get herself checked out. Memory problems and confusion are common issues after any type of surgery or procedure within the brain, but if this is a recent development it would be wisest for her to see her GP for a referral back to a neuro specialist to rule out specific issues.

If she won't respond you could contact her doctor yourself, and although he/she won't discuss your mum's health with you, perhaps a check up could be arranged independently. Alternatively is there anyone, friend or family, who you could confide in to keep an eye on your mum and get her to see a doctor ? Cat x

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Thank you so much for responding, I have put a lot of what you have suggested into place already however it is nice to hear that I am on the right track x

I know what your mother is going through. I am 67, retired and very independent and live alone. I have wonderful neighbors and family that check on me during this time because I had two very small subdural hematomas. She is probably like me, I cannot change my life because if I do, it will get me depressed and must live my life. She is living her life normal because if she lets it, it will get her depressed and has accepted it and I am sure very day she thinks about it. I live in fear every single day, but I cannot let that take me over. I gotten support groups, friends and family. It is was it is and I am sure the doctors are monitoring her like me. It's hard must like her, we must move on.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate your response and it has helped me understand a bit from my mums point of view x

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