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Discovering Balance after TBI


Hi All,

I experienced my TBI in November 2011 and although it was a couple of years before I worked out I was having various issues with executive function, fatigue and managing my energy levels across the board when I asked my GP to refer me to a neuropsychologist, I have found the whole experience to be life changing in a very positive way. I have separated from my husband and set up my own dog walking /coaching/pet sitting business and I have never been happier.

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Good for you Storm ! What a great example of picking through the remnants of an awful situation and 'conjuring' up a whole new and rewarding life.

And of course dogs couldn't care less about executive function, or any other shortcoming we might be left with after a brain injury, so long as they're fed, loved and taken for walkies !

What a lovely positive post m'love 🐶🐩🐕 ……….. Cat x

I wish you luck, success and happiness xxxx

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