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Victim of Coercive control


2005 following my now ex wife falling in love with A.Nother; subsequent brain damage, lengthy hospitalisation and rehabilitation, I met who i thought was a wonderful loving woman who then cleared out my bank account over a period of years; moved from South coast to Lancashire to isolate me and bullying me with her 30 yr old son to put me in debt and make me homeless. .

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So sorry to hear this TomKipp. Have you now been able to move on from the woman and son that caused you to be broke and homeless? Have you somewhere to stay now to begin to put your life back together?

Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people in this world with no thought for the consequences of their actions.

I am so sorry you find yourself in this position.

It happened to my nephew but his wife disappeared off to America.

I do hope you are able to move on .

Janet x

Hi, if all this has happened and you are still being abused like this, and due to your head injury effects then there is a safeguarding here. Do you have any caters or similar involved in your care. You can also raise it yourself through social services. Contact your local social services helpdesk. Can someone support you in this. Maybe the CAB can help here. See how you go .

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