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Going to be in a marathon relay team in September

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The BI group I go to is entering a relay team in Hull marathon. It was actually back in January I first agreed to take part partly in hope of the leader continuing personal training sessions. He did say he mite start a running group in summer which I wasn’t sure if he would or not. Anyway despite a few things changing probably making it harder for him he is still starting the running group with 2 of us who agreed back in January and 2 new people. We will all get medal for taking part and should all be able to be at end when the last person finishes the man who is entering us will be doing full marathon running with who ever is running in relay team so will be nice for him to see how we all get on.

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Sounds a brilliant idea Keeley, it will be a fantastic focus to help keep your fitness up too.

Ive just done the Walk wit the Baron in Lincoln and found it great, I didnt complete the full 26 months les but managed 18. The participants in that marathon were unable to run but could walk it. My 18 miles les took me 7 1/2 hours, next year i hope to be fitter and complette the whole 26 miles quicker.

So i do hope this works out for you, sounds fantastic.


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You know when i type on my phone i get loads of incorrect spellings and auto corrections, very frustrating. It wasnt 26 months it was 26 miles!!!!

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Haha yea I guessed that. Yea will be good to do this and mite even see about doing it as a sponsor event to raise money for the charity as a thank you to them. Honestly it’s going to be tough I did 3k yesterday and that was enough so I do need to get practicing, but I will do it however slow I need to go.

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