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I've changed jobs but want to give back and change career



Having had meningoencephalitis and struggled with my return to work I am now moving company. I work in tech and have found a company who are open about my after affects and have a wonderful wellness programme. It's got me thinking that I want to give back and in some way help those with abi return successfully to work and also help companies understand brain injury better. I'm looking at various wellness courses and have attended seminars in Ireland about head space but specifically I want to have focus on brain injury. Im reaching out to see if anyone could make recommendations on where to start and indeed if anyone has found a new calling since their illness. I'm an IT consultant which I love but my first year back to work was tough and very isolating. I welcome everyone's experiences or views. I know mindfulness has helped me, cope with a lot. Specially are there any courses that anyone old know that focuses on brain injuries.

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Back in 2007 the DWP had specialist support for TBI, as they "regognised TBI is the most complex barrier to returning work". It was the DWP's only contracted service, which specialised in a particular disability. It was run by a company called Ways to Work (WTW) and I did some work with them. The course was one/two day a week over 4-5 months and all the staff were either neuropsychologists clinical or OTs. All the people I talked to who were on the course thought it was excellent and I found the staff very knowledgeable and friendly.

Also at that time all Disability Employment Advisers at the Job centers had received specialist training in TBI, writing this makes it sound like some golden age. I wonder what the conversation was when the DWP decided to ditch WTW.

A Google search and I can't find them normally they would be contracted by enlightened employers, perhaps they've folded. However in my search I did find these people, so I've no idea what they're like.


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