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Feeling a little confused


The ESA assessment continues to wind me up......And now totally confuse me.

Was set to have medical assessment and have been waiting for date, even though I have asked for a home visit or the possibility to go to venue so as to stop me getting panic attack.

This is also to their advantage as the last time I attended a medical in a new place the assessment was cut short and I had to be assessed at home.

Well I got a date for next week. Then a letter two days ago saying it was cancelled until the following week. Then a day later another letter saying a different date.

My wife phoned today and was told yes it had been cancelled but they were unsure of which date was the new date so they were now cancelling both...Hopefully.

So now have I an appointment or not and if so on which day.

Feeling a little confused.


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Sounds about normal! I am convinced that if the NHS and the government got their administration sorted out, there would be no financial problems anywhere. Almost every time we have a hospital appointment it is changed, or they have lost the paperwork.

I don't think gives any solace but you're not alone, I've just had a look at a specialist members only Wel.Ben. forum.

Lots of problems being reported apparently hoping to take this forward as an Equality issue.

This however doesn't come under W. B. legislation, so it'll have to be taken without that legal element to it. Obviously this will take time, presuming it's successful.

For the consideration of a home assessment they require medical evidence to the effect that it would be detrimental to your health but even this is still producing a refusals in many instances.

You have to remember this company were fined under the U.S. discrimination act along with having to repay the U S Gov. money back due to fraud!!!

This may be of interest, the guidance for the "Health care professional", Work Capability Assessment.


paxo05 in reply to sealiphone

Thanks . Have shown my partner who found it very informative.

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