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Am giving myself a break (self reflection)


The past month and half has been a nightmare since my pregablin has been reduced The upside is I can think clearly but the downside is anxiety when you havent dealt with for for 4 years is a b&^%$h, it has caused sooooooo many issues with both work, home and social life that yesterday without questioning my manager has agreed I can have next week off when i asked so without thinking (well semi thinking I had to make sure I had enough money) I have book an entire week (yes I mean a full SEVEN days) to Dawlish Warren as when I went down there last Saturday it hit me how much I needed time away (and how busy work has been) and that 2 hours there wasnt enough but I couldnt stay any longer as I left it late and it took me 2 hours to get down there and 2 hours to get back (yes a totally of a 4 hour train journey but was soooo worth it) so bring on Saturday !!!

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