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Update on daughter aged 5, progress so far



Just thought I update you all on my eldest daughter Rose's progress so far.

She was in HDU for two weeks before being moved to a children's ward and was in a coma for three weeks. She can now walk with the aid of crutches because of her fractured leg and if all goes well she might be allowed home on day release this Sunday.

Rose has told me that she does not remember being hit by a car outside her nursery and that she has also made friends with the nurses looking after her and other children on the ward.

Also the police have arrested and charged the idot, a week after Rose was knocked down, with dangerous driving, leaving the scene of the accident and GBH of a minor. Which I am, family and friends are pleased about!!

Any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer then.


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Hello Goldie11

Got life and critical illness insurance from same insurace company. Insurance company are looking into it to see if I am entitled to anything for my eldest daughters accident at the start of March this year and Insurance company have told me that I am defiantly entitled to something for my accident in September last year but now could be entitled to more because I am back in hospital following a seizure yesterday evening because of my brain injuries I had suffered last September.


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