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Is there any magic cure??

It all sounds very depressing; the lack of easy recovery and the complexity of the effects of brain injury.

I can fully understand why the suicide rate is so high and continues elevated for many years.

ANyone got any quick easy answers? My motivation is very poor and I have a lot of pain and disablity as well as legal problems and no compensation for my injury. I feel a victim

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Quick easy answers - Yes, but not the ones you really want. 1. Accepting there are none. 2. Accepting creating the new you sooner than later. 3. Making it ok that it is a slow process. 4. Taking action each day to continue moving forward, even if it doesn't result in the magic bullet results one is looking for. 5. Take things one hour/day at a time. 6. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your old self. 7. When in doubt rest and rest often. 8. Don't push yourself, it is counterproductive. 9. Determine since you didn't die, what it is your still here to learn or do and do it. 10. Focus on what you want and any positives you can think of. 11. Make ok the things you can no longer do. 12. Get a neuropsych test done to better understand what brain functions have been affected - at least it will help you understand why you are struggling in the areas you are and also may reveal some rehabilitation things that can help you. 13. Develop compensating strategies where possible. 14. Know we are here for support. I'm sorry this happened to you. May your days get better.


Thanks Sca, so it is coming to terms with long term disability, chronic pain, inability to do most things. Not sure I can manage that, but I hve a lovely family who I dearlylove and who love me, but this is truly difficult/ impossible


Yes, truly difficult and even seems impossible at times. You will find you start to be able to deal better with the losses as time passes. It took me about 3 years to get to a point where I could accept some of what was going on. But that was me, some are able to do it sooner than that. Its different for everyone. How long has it been since the injury? Another thing you may want to check out is grieving for your loss of abilities adn the way your life used to be. Also this website headway.org.uk/search/?Sear... has many helpful resources to help us and out families deal with all of this.


I wish there was a feel better pill available but unfortunately for us there is not! It's a long slow tough road we are each on

and I too wish there was some cure.. I'm not in any pain apart from mentally.. I am different to you, though it seems every individual is different. We may come by similar symptoms but we are not alike..I am nearly a yr and still can't walk independently, have balance issues along with funky vision but I believe it will come good. I just have to give it more time and trust me I'm inpatient lol From everything I have read it does not seem there is much we can do to help our brains recover, Oh how I wish there was! But for pain you should be able to get help with even if from to dr. I hear that CBD oil is meant to be good for pain. Though I think it comes at a price. It's not dr prescribed. Be careful though as some companies which sell it seem to have a synthetic version so not as pure. I don't suffer with pain so do have much advice on it... Good Luck with everything, I wish you all the best


Thanks. It is truely dreadful


It might be worth asking for a referral for CBT or some person centred counselling with a neuropsychologist to help your worldview to shift a little. Apart ftom that, Sca pretty much nailed it.


I've been seeing a psychologidt got hundreds of hours for the past 3 years. CBT +++ already


A NEUROpsychologist will understand and be able to address the impact of brain injury. A general counsellor won't. Hours of CBT won't get you anywhere if misdirected.

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There is a magic cure but it has been made illegal for public use by the government.

I am talking about cannabis.

You may know as cannabis being a harmful plant and that is why it had been made illegal? Well that is what government/mainstream media tell you who don’t give you the full info on these things.

The reason why cannabis has been made illegal in a lot of areas/countries is because if it were legal it would be treating/curing people and the pharmaceutical company would be making no money.

See, that is what it is all about... money. I personally can’t stand money but we are basically forced to use money. We could actually live our lives without money or a small amount of money.

“The love for money is the root of all evil”... the LOVE for money, the want, the greed... and what is money at the end of the day? Material... that is all it is. It’s about as valuable as a used sock.

More and more people, across the globe, have gone on about cannabis and slowly but surely it is being legalised in some states in America.

UK laws still keep the stuff illegal but you can purchase CBD (cannabidiol) oil from Holland & Barrett and other places online. CBD is a component in the cannabis plant and it does not make you high. I have heard from others that it has helped with their sleep and has relieved aches and pains.

I have tried some myself and I feel it hasn’t done much for me... probably because I don’t suffer with aches and pains and I get a reasonably good sleep.

I’ve got a lot more faith in nature now because nature simply works way better than man-made drugs and also bring on side effects.

The CBD oil you can buy isn’t cheap though, it can be quite expensive.

See, they bring out CBD oil which isn’t as affective as the cannabis plant as a whole and the oil costs a bomb to acquire... can you see the pattern there?

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I have tried the CBD oil. As you say it was expensive and maybe helped the pain, but made the brain feel worse.

I agree that lots of people are just after money for themselves and that is what started my downward fall as a financial advisor swindled me for his gain and my massive loss £250k.

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I’m sorry to hear that the CBD oil made you feel worse.

I started getting into more natural foods a few years ago and I had read many good things about cannabis and Rick Simpson and how he has cured many cancer patients with the oil.

So when I first found that some states were legalising cannabis (once again) and that you could purchase the oil in the UK, I was a little excited about it but was probably a little let down by the prices and how it seemed to have very little effect. I say “once again” because before civilization, you had cannabis growing everywhere, freely. Then man comes along and decides to make it illegal!

Corrupt man has basically said “You can no longer use cannabis because we said so and instead the pharmaceutical industry are going to “try” and make a cure for certain diseases (including cancer) but we are going to need your money for the research”.

In other words, you will never, ever get a cure for cancer from the pharmaceutical industry.

I would not be surprised at all if the government have watered down CBD oil so that a lot of people would be let down by it and therefore be let down by nature itself or will not believe in what a lot of write ups say on how good it can be.

I know someone who is the manager of my local Holland & Barrett and she has MS. She gets exhausted quickly but takes the CBD oil and it gives her more energy and can last longer.

As I was saying before, I have more faith in nature and eat more fruits and veg and spices and doing this alone has helped me out a lot with my overall health. I used to get the odd headache or two and that was before the fruit and veg when my diet was crap. Now I eat a little more cleaner I don’t get many headaches now.

I shall also add that frankincense essential oil has helped me out with my fatigue. Frankincense essential oil sends oxygen to your brain and oxygen is what the brain needs in order to heal.

I have nerve damage from my many operations on my head and was hoping that the CBD oil would be able to help but it didn’t and I am not going to fork out £20-£70+ each time.

There is a quote that I love and will always stick to and that is,

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

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I think you could be a marketeer for CBD oil! Politician as well


Ha, me?! A marketeer or even a politician. No thank you, that won’t work well with me... especially the politician side of it. I cannot stand the government.

There is a joke I read once that I thought was very spot on when referring the government. It was about a politician that had died. My version of the joke is a brief, watered down version so I might not sound as funny but this politician died, his spirit went up into the heavens. He got to the pearly gates and the angels said to him that he had to spend one day in hell before entering heaven. The politician thought it was odd but decided to give it a go. Anyway, the angel snapped his fingers and the politician appeared in hell. He was all curled up in a ball with his hands covering his eyes. He was expecting to feel the heat, smell the fires and hear screaming but instead he looked around to find he was in paradise. Freshly cut grass, sweet smelling flowers, people playing and laughing,. Not what he expected at all. Everything went his way and he had the best day and blahdy, blahdy, blah.

Anyway, he once again appeared at the pearly gates of heaven and was asked, would he choose heaven or hell. The politician stopped to think and said “I know this sounds crazy but I choose hell”.

And snap... he woke up in hell.

He felt all hot and sweaty, people screaming and smelt the burning ashes of hell. Satan was stood before him and the politician asked “Where’s the freshly cut grass, the swimming pools, the hot babes and so on?”

And then satan leant forward and said “Yesterday we campaigned. Today you voted”.


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ha ha thanks


Yes sure, please search the “quantum “ for details


There is no quick fix it’s a marathon not a sprint. I had my first tbi in 1998 and worked my butt off to get a good life then it happened again so I am back to square one but I am here and so are you. We have to pick ourselves up and carry on because surely seeing the sunshine and hearing birds tweeting is better than the alternative so just enjoy being here it’s the only chance your gonna get!!! Your life is what you make it enjoy the small things 💕 xx

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lack of motivation is all part of a brain injury as is fatigue. to overcome fatigue you need to overcome motivation ever so slightly to begin with.

ill explain, if you do something tiring for a while in the morning, you dont do anything until the following afternoon, but that doesnt mean you stay in bed and sleep. little by little you start hobbies that interested you before your bi, not pushing yourself too hard to begin with.

give it a try. good luck and welcome.



Sorry, but if there were any quick options I think we would all take them! BI is most peoples' worst nightmare as it is like being stuck in a cage and not being able to do what you like anymore. My advice would be to set very small goals and keep a diary so you can look back at how far you have come. That can be quite motivational. Make sure you get plenty of rest and also exercise if you can. Even stretching exercises are good and can keep your spirits up. Make use of friends and family to help cheer you up and contact people in the same position as you, online is ideal. It all helps. Best of luck.

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Inspired by Matt2584 and a conversation with a user of CBD oil, it looks interesting but not a lot of use for a hedonistic weekend

Some interesting info here:



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