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So suddenly my dad is unrehabilitable? Everyone has been telling me it’s early days after my dads cardiac arrest at the end of August 2017. But now the team looking after him say he is unrehabilitable. Stinks to high heaven if you ask me. 6 weeks ago it was too early to say but now they have given up on him and want to cast him out to a nursing home. They have came to this conclusion despite knowing he has an infection again and know fine well they set him back? I’m I in denial or does anyone else thinks this is fishy?

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I’m only going on what my sister has told me(not the most reliable person) and I also realise unrehabilitable isn’t a word? Non rehabilitable


Trust your gut instincts. Unfortunately in the medical field too many of them cover their own liability before they take into consideration the life of the patient. In other words they always give the worst case outcome so that you can't come back later and say they didn't tell you how bad things were and sue them because of it. That said, he may be able to make improvements or they may be correct in their assessment. Either way it sucks to be in this not knowing, for sure state of limbo. Not knowing what to expect or what to do, plus the emotional and mental stress you and your family experience has got to be highly upsetting for you. I survived cardiac arrest and a brain injury due to lack of oxygen and a grand mal seizure. I am what they refer to as high functioning. However, I am far from how I once was. One thing that has helped me and might be of value for you too is this - I had to make it ok if I never got any better than I am right now. Not that I like it or don't want t to be different. What making it ok did was to free up energy and emotions that I had tied up in trying to make things go back to the way they once were and being upset when they weren't. I'm not sure if I explained this very well or not. I'm sorry you're all going through this. I wish you well on knowing how to deal with this.


You explained that just perfectly. What I don’t get is 6 weeks ago was too early to say, now he’s non rehabilitable? How are they going to know if he makes impovments if they stick him in a nursing home? Sounds like a money saving operation to me. Quite clearly isn’t the right decision when it’s “so early”.


As I understand it, they have guidelines where certain levels of function are assessed at different times to make these determinations. Apparently according to the results of these assessments they have made their determination. Nothing is absolute, just means based on these parameters in their judgment he probably won't make much progress. And yes you're probably right - money saving operation. Another huge problem is doctors don't always do the best job communicating with patients and their families about these things. It would probably be worthwhile to meet with the doctors and have a list of your questions, to be able to understand better about what is going on.


Well said Sca........ x


mrdeek, after a brain haemorrhage my ex-husband was despatched to a nursing home by his wife despite being offered a rehab bed at Walton hosital (centre of excellence). My son and daughter tried to arrange speech and physio therapy for their dad but his wife was having no interference from anyone (she had power of attorney being next of kin).

But they now regret not asking the court to intervene as, since he died, we've learned that intervention of physio could have prevented the pneumonia & complications which eventually caused his death.

Your dad's next of kin can arrange for continuing rehab within the care home but I presume it will have to be privately funded. I wish we'd had the courage to do it ourselves or use the legal system to fight for his place at Walton.

You can be sure it's a cost cutting measure as the NHS are now in real crisis. Hope there are better days ahead for you & your dad.

Cat x


Well I truly feel that if they kept him free of infections they would see what I have seen, him actually sitting up in hospital having a normal conversation with me about stuff that happened before his CA. Since he has started taking the infections he has made no sense. Just wish they would open their eyes!


Does anyone know if I’m entitled to put him in a different centre if I disagree with their outcome?



You always have choices but we are talking money here. Your local health care trust/ council not sure which, Sealiphone or Headway can help here, will have a sum of money to spend on your Dads care and that will dictate where they can place him, if you want him in a more expensive care home or centre you will have to make up the shortfall.

When I disagreed that my sight was affected and the local nhs said it was within normal parameters, that is they were not going to pursue any further treatment for me, I paid for a vision therapist and have a much better outcome. But that was my choice.

As it was my choice to pay for visits to an acupuncturist because it is no longer available on the nhs, this has helped me deal with residual nerve pain.

I do hope you can resolve this like you, I feel that once your father is free of infection you will see an improvement. Unfortunately hospitals/ care homes/ rehabilitation units can be hotbeds for infections and the like and this winter has been particularly bad for general colds/ flu and chest infections.

Hopefully you can get to the bottom of this matter and resolve it satisfactorily.

Janet x

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Your case is very similar to ours... My partners hypoxic brain injury happened September 2016, the doctors were adament He needed a care home, would not do well in Rehab.... We faught to get him home which wasnt easy, since being home, every health professional has said He needs intensive rehab which we are fighting for and have been the last year!!!! They dont know how your Dad will recover as the brain changes and makes new pathways.. My partners weight dropped from 11stone to 8stone in 2/3 weeks once He woke up from coma (that is something to keep an eye on)... Dont give up x


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