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Lack of sleep 😴

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Hi everyone me again, I'm struggling at the moment with getting sleep. I live in shared housing with 2 others, they are most definitely night owls. Would prefer to sleep all day! It's doing me in, even if I try get to sleep the door is always going and lights going on etc it's leaving me with headache all the time as well as feeling sick. I'm emotional and struggle to try explain my brain doesn't work normally. I need rest, food and heat. I know it doesn't sound like it but I do like living here but I feel I'm damaging myself to fit in. Any suggestions to show them point blank that even if I look "normal" I have a brain problem and deal with things differently to them?

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Ear plugs and an eye mask. Then hopefully you can all get along together.

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I think I will have to invest in ear plugs thanks

kitten i use rubber industrial ear plugs, or you could take your mobile phone to bed and listen to the radio .

I use wax earplugs ; they're pliable so can be shaped to fit comfortably and keep out every bit of noise (not good though if you rely on an alarm call for work). I also use an eye-mask in summer to avoid the 4am sunrise.

Alternatively, a very serious talk with your housemates...... x

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I'm going to get some ear plugs tomorrow when I get some money. And I'm booked in to see gp on Monday, hopefully my last appointment about coming off amitriptyline. Already reduced from 100mg to 25mg so this is the final step xx

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The wax ones are the only ones I could tolerate as they can be softened to sit comfortably, unlike others which I found intrusive. I get them from Boots chemist.

And coming off Amitriptyline might be adding to your wakefulness temporarily ; good luck in withdrawal. They served me well for over 20 years 'til SSRIs took over. xx

What sort of shared housing, if it’s new to everyone could be just the excitement of new? Much like freshers week for students etc.

And possibly if you look good i even normal? They wouldn’t realise?

J have had same problem lack of sleep after my acquired and traumatic brain injury even been to local hospital fior sleep study they have told me nothing wrong with me when I only get max 3 hours sleep a day not good no one understand me with unseen disability can’t explain anymore they take every word the wrong way can’t even get sleeping tablets either I work part time aswell don’t know what to do been like this for over 8 years now

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I'm waiting to get a place at a sleep and a pain clinic hopefully I will get some joy. I'm caring for someone at the moment which I'm struggling with as much as I'd love to go back to work

Earplugs and eye mask. X

I know how it feels being tired. My brain virtually stops functioning. Emotional isn’t the word. Ask doc for some zopiclone, it’s only a short term fix but it will help u sleep

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It's like a never ending circle, because I'm tired I'm emotional. I know their sick of the tears so am in but nothing seems to stop the noise. I'm just just an over emotional female. I wouldn't wish any health issue on anyone but sometimes I wish for one minute they could see what it's like for my point of view x

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Some people aren’t interested. My wife for instance seems to listen but then later doesnt care. It’s life I suppose they will only be concerned if it is them in need. Let your emotions out it’s good for you, it’s exhausting hiding them but as equally tiring letting them out.

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Listening to the wisdom in your own words, have you considered that your hormones may be out of balance? Try agnes castus vitex X or evening primrose oil, take twice daily to see benefits after 3-4 weeks. Or see doc. Best x

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Kitten77 in reply to RecoveringH

It's not something I've thought about but it's possible thank you I will look in to it x

Noise is my main issue, ear plugs with ear defenders over the top of those for maximum blocking, even when lying on ones side the ear defenders form an indentation in the pillow, allowing decent enough kip. If its a thinking issue around the lack of perceived consideration from your house mates then you really must try and make them see things from your angle as this is not good for your state of mind Kitten, they probably don't realise the impact these things have on BI sufferers, would they consider reading any Headway material for example?

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I have left material about for them to read but I think that's as far as it goes. When I have tried to talk about it they just say I'm fine there's nothing wrong. I'm doing myself down etc etc

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