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pseudo seizure

Hello so just a week ago after coming home from my check up with my neuro surgeon I got a pseudo seizure right when I got home and crashed in to my dad's parked truck , I hit my head where titanium mesh is at but they did CT scan and everything's ok no brain bleeds or nothing , enyone ever got one will I get another one ,. Mine was cuased by stress I was stressing in my way home. This is my first siezures haven't got one ever since. Im afraid I'd get another one while driving ,Can they trigger again?

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Pseudo seizures caused by stress can be triggered again by stress. I have had 3 seizures out of the blue over the years and they have never been able to say what caused them. I just start to shake then drop.

You will have to hand in your licence if you are having seizures, whatever the cause. I have lost my driving licence twice over the years. It took me 2 years and medicals to get it back last time. It is still only a 3 year licence.

I have said this to you many times but you really need to get some help to deal with the anxiety or you will find (if it isn't clearly happening already) that the symptoms from that begin to have a huge impact on your life - way bigger than anything your BI ever caused or is likely to cause.


Did you find out what was cuased yours?


No. The first time I was in my mid 20s. It was an isolated event, but there was a witness (my boyfriend at the time) who came in after it had started. So they hooked me up to ECG monitors, gave me a diagnosis of 'myoclonic juvenile epilepsy' and took my driving licence off me.

I had nothing more until after I became ill with ME about 7 years ago. After a year of illness I had 2 seizures within 2 weeks. The second one I lost consciousnes and because I was outside I cracked my head open. My doctor wrote to the neurologist who had seen me when I first got ill and he said again that my scans were all clear (they weren't as it happens - he had missed the aneurysm which got picked up 3 years later by another doc) and that because no-one had seen this happen my GP should simply monitor me. This neurologist didn't believe in ME or FND either and gave a clear impression my illnesses were all a figment of my imagination. It appears he probably was just a really crap neurologist!

So 4 (seizure-free) years later and I am still none the wiser... but I have had enough time in MRI scanners (about 12 hours and counting) to know there is nothing too scary going on. It is probably just another symptom of whatever it is knocks my whole system sideways from time to time. Not worth worrying about - that won't help, and I can't tell when or control whether another is round the corner.


You need to notify the DVLA even if they are psuedo seizures it will still by dangerous for you to be driving. If you don't and then an accident happens, and even if it isn't your fault, your medical notes will be gone through and your insurance will be invalidated and you will be breaking the law so could be prosecuted. You must not drive.

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I suggest you contact DVLA also as the hospital will inform them anyway,this happened to my partner!it was a 6 month ban as it was his first seizure!

My partner was left with many things after his accident,one being that he has no sense of taste or smell!but one night he woke up and could smell smoke and so when he was at his appointment with his neurologist he told him about it and the doctor told him these were also forms of seizure and therefore he lost his license for a

Year!i know from

His point of view that he has now lost a lot more of his independence and it really gets him down not driving but it’s really not worth it if this happens again as the outcome could be a lot more serious xx


I passed my test in 1973 and HGV in 1978 in the fire service. I really loved to drive, but collapsing as I have been this year, I gave my license up on my own. I was very upset about it but it was for the best. You must not think about just yourself but the young people in the other car. You will be able to get the license back after 12 months seizure free, and you don't count the night time ones. Dave


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