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Aspartame: Why you should never touch the stuff


A lot of people might think that I am mad for posting these kinds of things or 'nonsense' as some may call it but think about it for a second, how do you really know that aspartame is completely safe for you? How do you really know that most of the chemicals that go into processed "food" is good for you or is necessary?

I expect most people will say they know it's safe because their governments/FDA tell them it is safe and that hundreds of studies prove that aspartame is safe.

I myself do not know 100% that aspartame is bad for you but I have a very very big hunch.

I have mentioned a fair few times in various comments that I had a terrible diet when I was little. Sugary foods was mostly what I ate and hardly tounched any REAL, natural, fruit or veg.

I was 11 and just started my first year at my senior school. In my second term of the first year I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Once I had returned to school my GP told me that the tumour must have been growing all my life.

In 1998 I was then diagnosed with another tumour (that was roughly the same size as the first, so much for what my GP had told me).

I've had quite a lot of operations on my head because of these two tumours and I have a shunt because of it which I have also had problems with too.

I put two and two together and I would not be surprised in the slightest that aspartame and my terrible diet back then were the culprit for my two tumours.

I do not believe in a lot what "science" says. I do not believe in diseases and such being passed on from great grandfather to father to son... Hereditory. I am not a religious person. I believe we live in a heavily corrupt world.

Like @Recovered H said "Nutrients are everything" and you are not going to get nutrients from processed food from Asda or the like.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

"The love for money is the root of all evil".

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What about stevia?


Steviais suppose to be a”natural” that is squeezed from a plant! Good question

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As Wittycjt was saying, Stevia is natural but most store bought brands are not or they have additives.

I drink a Lion's mane elixir. The Lion's mane mushroom can regenerate nerves and I have nerve damage as a result of my BI. The elixir has stevia in it. I am guessing it is a well sourced or organic stevia. I've had no problems from the elixir and it tastes lush as well.

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Hi Matt!

I do believe what you say .as I am as well do not take anything with aspartame. Your story is inspiring. I just want to ask you as you survived two brain tumours maybe you heard about gliosis its like a scratch on the brain after injury. I had operation aneurism clipping and they saw on mri small gliosis. The registrar mentioned that when they remove brain tumour they have it . I have severe dizziness and think because of that. Any idea would helpful for mental state.

Thank you very much for your post as my children if they want any drink to buy they check if aspartame is there.


Hi Maya,

Thank you and I am pleased to hear my post has helped.

I have posted things like this before and they have caused some controversy but I am only posting them to help others. This Headway forum is on a Health-based website so it makes sense to be posting things about aspartame and so on as they relate to health.

I think I have vaguely heard of gliosis before but don't know or didn't know a lot about it. The thing is, my tumours were never actually removed. The first tumour calcified and the second tumour/cyst was split in half.


Apparently it causes alzheimers. Its an artificial sweetener and is in chewing gum like Airwaves.

I always buy Airwaves and i must admit im forgetting names lately


From the various sources I have read about aspartame, it can cause a multitude of health problems and I would not be surprised at all about Alzheimer's being one of them.

Speaking of Alzheimer's, I shall also add that according to "scientists", aluminium is the metal found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. Now get this, one of the ingredients in most spray-on deodorants is... Aluminium.

So why is it there if it causes problems?

I expect the manufacturers will tell you that aluminium is in the deodorants to combat sweating which would be another one of those huge lies going around today. I am pretty sure with all the research there is today that you can combat sweat far more safely.

I have had trips to the doctors in the past because my ears, mostly right ear, gets blocked with wax so I have them syringed. I was told to chew Airwaves gum as they are good for keeping your airways clear.

I was chewing them until I found it had aspatame in it.

I now chew another brand of gum called Peppersmith and they use Xylitol sugar in them and have no aspartame at all. I have been chewing them for a few years now, brilliant stuff. You can buy them at Holland and Barrett but I usually buy a box of 12 packets from their website.


I don't touch it.

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I'm glad to hear that, you don't want to touch it either.


I was just talking to a friend about healthy diet and her line was that everything is ok in moderation. But Im not sure thats true. Aspartame for example is not good in any amount. I noticed that it was in the calcichew that the GP presscribed and so now I get calcium and vit D from natural sources - like yogurt and fish. Why do they even need to put sweetener in medicine? Its medicine. We're not eating it for the taste.

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Very true, we do not take medicine for the taste. When I was little, medicine used to taste pretty rank. Then as I grew up it was easier to ingest because most medicines on the market then were full of sugar or aspartame.

Aspartame is bad enough for you but sugar (refined sugar) is not that much better. Sugar is considered a poison and it is addictive. I mentioned in an above comment about Xylitol which is a sugar that comes from Birch trees. It costs more but tastes just like the real deal. We use unrefined sugar. I just try not to touch as much sugar as I can really... Unless it is natural.

I've heard that line god knows how many times, about eating in moderation. Some things in moderation is ok but when it comes to aspartame and the foods/drinks that use it, they should never really be consumed.

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