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I've been told by my nuero surgeon that I had a small brain contusion that's why symptoms didn't show up (4months later after tbi) ,I am done with all my surgerys as I have gotten my titanium skull back, I'm wondering since I got a small brain contusion does that mean the injury on brain was mild that symptoms never shown up? Can I have delayed symptoms or could I go back to my regular life and end all this tbi anxietys fears, 4 months later and no more hospital stays can I live my life and stop worrying?

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  • You can stop worrying! A contusion is a bruise of brain tissue so will have recovered by now like bruises do when we bruise our leg etc. No long term damage and why you haven't been experiencing any significant after effects. Be grateful that you have been so lucky not to have a brain injury and now get on and enjoy your life.

  • It's beginning to sound like you wish you did have a brain injury! I can assure you that those of us that do would wish that we hadn't.

  • I'm just having trouble understanding how symptoms show up?

  • Yes, stop worrying as it will do nothing to help your life. Just live life to the best of your ability. Have fun and joy. Do whatever you can.

  • You know, none of us know when or if we will be struck down with a SAH or heart attack or brain tumour.

    Caroline and I had encephalitis, which is a condition not many people know about. One day fine and dandy the next in HDU in a coma.

    You cannot live your life worrying about what ifs. Please just get on with your life, tomorrow may never come for many but you have a second chance, don't waste it.

    Janet xx

  • Hello

    I also had encephalitis but I do consider myself one of the lucky people. I guess you could say I have limited life changing symptoms so I do just carry on with almost a full return to my previous life. Every one is different and copes with their condition as they can. Please listen to the advice as above and enjoy your life making the most of all the good things that are happening for you. Clare

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