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Is weed and tbi harmful?

I always used this wonderful plant before as its helped me ease up my mind, got legal in my state almost the time I got out of hospital. Interestingly even tho I had cannabis on my body before tbi from long to use it did not raise chances getting brain damage easier as I have been really lucky to not have eny brain damage from having such a accident, wondering if I could still consume it later on as I didn't suffer any brain damage, i don't drink alcohol i kno thats bad for the brain, i now many of us still use it enyone knows about this or consumes it after there tbi?

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They frown on use of alcohol after a TBI and you want to use weed? Irresponsible,


Why would you still want to use it after full recovery? Its a drug and could be causing you other harm.

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Make an informed choice, G.P's are normally bound by paitent confedentilaty , check with him or her,before you try it.Ask yourself how will it REALLY help you?


That is where I would disagree with you there. Weed/cannabis is not a drug, it is a plant and it has been around since time began.

According to many, many articles on this plant, cannabis can cure or treat a multitude of ailments.

It is the DEA/goverments/authorities/mainstream media that people should be wary about these days. Cannabis has been made illegal because it is so good food for a person's health. I have not used it so I can't really say anything about it but that is because the goverment have made it illegal. If they made it legal once again, like they should, then I would be using it all the time.

I don't understand at all what gives the government/authorities ( a bunch of men at the end of the day) the right to go and basically tell the public "You're not allowed to use that cos I said so".

Call me a free thinker but I would rather live in comfort than pay through the nose in order to live. Take away everything that was man-made and you have all the tools you need to live.

It is corrupt people that have made our lives so much more difficult and complicated to live.

You might want to look into Big Pharma and how legalising cannabis would mean all the pharmaceutical companies would get no money/customers. It's all about making money with these sick people and about making the public's lives miserable.

For instance... cancer... it's a massive business.

"The love for money is the root of all evil".

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how are you using Cannabis? i.e. recreationally or just oils and what not?

If it's oils well can't see how that would harm one.

Recreationally well like alcohol it causes a altered functioning of the brain hence feeling drunk/high etc. So like Alcohol there are risks, though not the same risks, for Cannabis it's mostly mental health that is the biggest risk factor, the most serious being Schizophrenia though the % is very low, less serious but more likely is stuff like anxiety.

Since you seem to be fairly anxious anyway I'd be cautious about it, It's also possible that it wouldn't play nice with you any more?

I used to drink not a lot, but I did and retained a high tolerance in spite of drinking maybe three beers/ciders etc a week. After the brain injury since i'm so tired and wobbly any way I haven't bothered since, nor do I miss it, I had a slice of boozy cake, which totally knocked me for six, very unpleasant to be honest!

So yes there are risks, but people take risks so it's your choice to decide on the risk, people take risks all the time. assuming I get around to it I'll be out on the bike since I am healthy/fit quite apart from risks from cars at point's I will be travelling at significant speeds etc, lots of people take risks but you do need to beware of them.


I think it depends on how old you are as weed damages a developing brain during teens and early twenties. What is worse? An addictive, sedative drug, or weed, for controlling anxiety? My anxiety gets worse as the day goes on and as they will no longer prescribe me Diazepam, I often smoke in the evening to take the edge off and try to relax my racing mind and body. Does me no harm and Docs know. I read an interesting article yesterday about the use of Seretonin with a psychactive drug to hit two receptors at the same time, for the relief of depression and anxiety. Mmmm . More research is needed. DW


ish, marijuana actually can be helpful for a brain injury. It contains powerful antioxidants that can help the brain. Oxidants that form around dead brain cells, cause even more problems resulting from the dead brain cells. Including the occasional toke, I also take Methlycoblamin B12 tablets daily, under my tongue. MB12 is a powerful antioxidant, similar to marijuana, except that it does not contain the beneficial cannabinoids that Mary Jane has.

They include CBD, THC, plus many many more. CBD in marijuana can help muscles affected by the injury, while THC, can help your attention, & problem solving ability, and creativity. In the long run, it can even help memory. The way it helps improve memory, is because it can hinder it when using. I realize that that doesn't make sense, but by hindering it, while improving problem solving skills, you eventually figure out tricks to hold on to memories better.

Of course like everything moderation is the key, and if you are constantly using, the state of using will become who you are, and you no longer will be able to gain anything from it. I think that this is why many heavy users, experience memory difficulty. Still wen used responsibly it can help improve many problems associated with a brain injury..


My advice would be to try a 1:1 THC to CBD strain from a reputable dispensary.

There are many studies showing cannabinoids and terpenes etc having neuro protective properties. A little bit of research will give you the knowledge you need to make a well informed choice.

Any search engine query for "endocannabinoid system" will set you on the right path.

I tried cannabis again about 1.5 years ago, 1 year into my recovery from a ABI from viral meningitis and encephalitis.

I now have cannabis at regular intervals everyday, micro dosing to help my brain to be functional when the cognitive fatigue, sound sensitivity, confusion, executive function issues and seizures are taking their toll.

This, for my experience, helps me to feel like me again.

I can be a part of my family again and that alone is worth more than anyone can ever imagine.

Unfortunately we have all been callously misled about this plant which has been documented as medicinally used for over 4000 years.

There have been NO documented deaths from cannabis recorded ever.

Read, learn and sensibly try to see if it helps.

All I know is that it majorly improves my quality of life.


Nope, brains hates weed I'm afraid. It also has zero positive effects (aside from the obvious happy feeling).

The psychoactive part of cannabis (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) increases dopamine (happy drug!) levels in the nucleus accumben (reward centre of the brain!).

Signals spread through the brain ordering the release of dopamine into axon terminals of neurons and they thus carry this happy drug around the body. This is a normal process that happens to us to reward actions that will positively effect our bodies (e.g exercise) so that we'll do it more. Body wins. You win.

Unfortunately, you only have so much dopamine in your brain, and when it runs out you will level off and go back to normal, and your brain will have time to make more dopamine.

Weed forces the release of dopamine into neurons by copying the normal "keys" to unlock the gates that holds it without the need to stimulate it by other means. The problem arises here - weed stimulates too much dopamine to be released into the neuron, which feels great at the time, but it also depletes your resource of that neurotransmitter.

When dopamine is being replenished, cells need an example of how it's structured to make more, that's when we feel good about something normally, it isn't a problem - because there is still dopamine left in axon terminals in the brain. When weed is used, you run out of dopamine completely and the body doesn't know how to make it because there isn't an example of how it's made up to copy.

So it does the next best thing; take the code of its formation from your DNA, which is fine, but the dopamine that you had in your body before had evolved over years to match up with certain memories and has irreparably changed its architecture, so it'll make a strange copy of it, but it'll still do the job, just a bit worse. Rinse and repeat and your dopamine will be a shadow of its former self and weed will be the only way of releasing it after years of conditioning your body to do so.

It wont kill you, you'll just feel crap over time.

Source - degree in Neuroscience


Have you spent any time researching the endocannabinoid system as part of your degree my friend?

Particular interest for yourself as a neurologist would be the CB1 receptors.

Have you experienced the effects of cannabis medically yourself? It's not all about the happy feeling, which in itself is extremely valuable therapeutically.

There are thousands of medical papers published regarding the effectiveness of this plant.

Please continue your education into how this plant REALLY does improve symptoms neurologically, and perhaps making it a more open platform to discuss with patients and their families.

No offence is intended to you here B_S_A and once you start to look into the progress of the research into cannabinoids and terpenes you will never look back.

Your added knowledge will be a great benefit to all affected by neurological issues.


Of course! (What student doesn't read up on their weed!)

Everything bad for you absolutely has a degree of benefit to it - heroine is an extremely beneficial painkiller for women in labour, but that doesn't mean that it wont also destroy white matter (as well as a whole host of other effects as I'm sure you're aware of.

There have been studies that show that weed prevents eye disease like glaucoma, but that doesn't mean that it wont destroy portions of the hippocampus/thalamus/grey matter as well.

It also stops anxiety from when it strikes, but the withdrawal from it will increase anxiety. As the drug becomes less potent and you have to take more, you'll develop a nice dependency on it.

Unfortunately, the endocannabinoid system is only a tiny portion of the brain relatively speaking, and further to that, cannabidiol 1 and 2 is only of a smaller portion of that. For example theeffectTHC has on the ECB system is particularly harmful.

Here's an incredibly boring paper with a lot of sources in it -

If you've got links to a few papers that prove the benefits then please do direct me to them!


Hi B_S_A

Here are a few links to read through.

We are only scratching the surface with our current understanding of the ECS and cannabis therapeutics.

Current patent on cannabinoids held by the US government.

Various clinical papers for reference

Numerous clinical trials


I strongly urge you to rely on research/papers from neutral sources that are up to date and avoid places that actively promote the benefits of cannabis in order to obtain an unbiased view.

To anyone else reading - I urge you not to take it in any form. Your body and/or brain is damaged and needs to re balance and heal. Cannabis might give short term benefits but your precious brain will suffer for it. But I'm no person who can tell anyone what to do (Just present information) so I suppose whatever makes people happy!

Interesting chat though!


There are countless scientific papers now on the web, about brain injury & the benefits of cannabis on animals.

Of course there are not many official US scientific studies involving humans, because of it's current Federal illegality, but I did find this one.

I had an extremely severe TBI. First I had a car accident, resulting in a subarachnoid Hemorrhage. It was followed by freezing to death for 6 hours, that finally led to close to a half an hour of cardiac arrest (anoxia, and hypoxia.)

I only use Cannabis about once a month, and although this isn't scientific evidence, I not only get temporary benefit from it, but it gives me insights into how my brain operates when I'm not using it. Then again, I m not a scientist, but only a survivor.

I get lasting benefit from the powerful antioxidants found in marijuana, as well as it's numerous neuro-protective cannabinoids, including CBD & THC. The THC helps my mind, while the CBD helps relax my tight left sided muscles. Still of course it all brain related, and these benefits remain wt me, even several weeks later after using.

Yes, it can make holding on to memories more difficult 'when' using, but since it increases problem solving and attention (two other things that were really affected by my injury,) it teaches you how to hold on to memories even when your not in in ideal circumstances.

I am not sure why makes remembering more difficult when using, but removing all scientific explanation, and just relying on experience, I think it is because it makes you more conscious of things that are occurring at that current moment. This increased attention makes the past a little bit less important.

I honestly don't do it because it makes me feel good. Feeling good is not entirely what life is about. instead it is about learning how to be the best you can be. It doesn't always make me feel good, but I aways learn something about myself & ways to better compensate for my injury.

Like anything, food, sex, or exercise, the key is moderation. About once a month helps me. Still I didn't find any benefit from it, when I first tried it, ten years ago. My brain wasn't healed enough to the point, where I could understand what was happening. In fact I didn't feel anything. So start slow, use in moderation, but I most assuredly find that it helps a healing brain.


I also just found this paper

It is about marijuana, and how it prevents nerve cell death from the accumulation of aggregated or amyloid-like proteins. They are extremely common in most age related neurodegenerative diseases.

Alzheimer's disease already runs in my family, and I also have a brain injury. This only increases my risk. Since marijuana prevents the build up of these proteins it looks like it might be a preventative substance.

Both Alzheimers, and a brain injury, cause even the remaining healthy brains cells to become inflamed, which can often lead to more cell death. My chemistry is a little hindered since my injury, but what I gather from this study, is that the cannabinoids in marijuana help mitigate the inflammatory nature of damaged brain cells, and can even help improve memory.

This study was done on mice. As more states slowly legalize marijuana, hopefully marijuana will be legalized federally. Then many more studies, then are occurring today, will take place on human subjects.


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