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Does subdural hematoma result a hyrdocephulas

I had tbi fallowing subdural hematoma and I'm scared off developing hydrocephulasas, I read it could happen after tbi? ,Do hematoma s have to be a serious injury or can it be mild tbi if no symptoms shown up it's really messing with my head, what does no symptoms mean after 3 months , does that mean no brain injury , looking for some positive info from other who experienced

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It would seem likely that any risks of hydrocephalus eould have been noted by your neurosurgeon and you would be still under regular review were that the case. If you are not I would suggest you forget about it.

It is probably advisable in your case to stop reading up on what could happen after your injury, as the anxiety that you are causing yourself is likely to create more problems with your health (such as high blood pressure, headaches, sleeping problems and other symptoms resulting from an overactive nervous system) than any possible but unlikely, or imagined complications from a tbi.

Focus onstead on the positive aspects of your recovery: you were not sriously injured, you appear to have managed to come through without too many side effects; you are able to contine with a relaltively 'normal' level of functioning.

If the anxiety continues to be a problem ( as is often the case when you have had a close 'near-miss, understandably) then it is worth asking your GP to refer you to your local mental health team for some counselling or CBT since, as noted, anxiety can very soon spiral into a serious problem that affects whole body functioning.


I can only add my agreement to what Mal says. You really need to stop worrying about "what ifs" worrying isn't gong to stop these things happening if they are going to and no one can predict it.

Relax and deal with the here and now, tomorrow is another day. You cannot stop time passing, and you will deal with the tomorrow when it comes, anxiety in itself causes illness.

Go to your GP and ask for a referral for counselling, it will help by giving you coping strategies. Theses will help with your life in general.

Janet x


A subdural haematoma is between the skull and the surface of the brain and not in the brain. So you would not develop hydrocephalus. If you haven't experienced any brain injury problems then you won't because they are usually at the worst at the point of injury. Be relieved and grateful that you haven't got a brain injury because I can assure you that if you had, like many of us on here, we would be wishing we hadn't! Stop worrying about what hasn't happened.

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