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Hope for carers in the south

I don't know if this will assure carers in the south west (and I had a little bit of involvement because I brought the website ptcb.org.uk not personally but on behalf of BCC)



Im not trying to re-alight any forum war flames btw I just trying to make a positive point so please no negativity and Im not a carer Im a survivor who has learnt to care for herself with minimum input from non-carers eg college and work staff

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No negatives from me Bexx. Anything which supports carers and raises the issue of their selfless work is great in my book.............and well done Bristol council ! x

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Devon Council started it off


Yes, I noticed that Bexx. I have to say, three years ago, I was worried about my (ex) mother in law going into residential care after a couple of nasty falls (she's 95). But her carers are wonderful (she calls them her 'angels').

It's like they've been trained to be the best they can possibly be, with nothing (however slight) too much trouble............ x

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