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I have had 2 brain operations as a result of being born with congenital hydrocephalus although I'm physically healed I'm still struggling to come to terms psychologically as I was awake during the first option it was and is the worst experience of my life I now suffer with P.T.S.D which has now left me with an additional problem is anyone able to identify with the situation.

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Sorry to hear you're struggling. I suffer from PTSD as a result of my injury and how I was injured. I am currently having EMDR treatment which is said to be really helpful for reducing and hopefully getting rid of PTSD...I have t privately but I'm sure if you discussed this with your doc, they would be able to point you in the right direction...I also use the headspace app to relax...I doze off after about 3 minutes but I still feel very relaxed using it. Hope this helps and let me know if you want to know more about the EMDR...


You replied to my msg re PTSD and you said you have EMDR which you pay for privately but you said it was really beneficial to assist you on your road to recovery. If you could tell me in more detail how and why this therapy/treatment is so beneficial. I've had CBT twice and know all about that but have not found it helpful because they advise challenging your thought process to a more positive way of thinking but it doesn't seem to take into consideration your experiences so if there was a different therapy that would help me put my ghost to rest once and for all I would appreciate it greatly oh also l developed PTSD after Brain surgery whilst I was still awake.


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