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Love to u all

I will no longer b requiring this site as my partner and I have decided to call it a day

Things just aren't the same anymore and feelings have changed on both sides

It was too hard in the end and I guess the TBI won

Sending all my love to u all,u have all been amazing at helping me understand and at points really helping my relationship but I'm afraid it's just came to an end

I wish u all the very best xxxxx

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Hi Gemma,

Sorry to here this but life does go on. Hope you both find happiness and if nothing else this site will have allowed you an insight into the world of bi.

All the best for the future. Will miss you

Pax x


Sad, just another statistic.


So sorry Gemma, it is a brace decision just remember you made it for the right reasons.

Much love to you for the future xxxx



Not a brace decision, a brave one !!!! Predictive text who'd have it?

Xx J


I'm sorry Gemma, for you both ; breaking up is never easy but especially so in these circumstances.

Sending all best wishes for happier times ahead.

Nice meeting you m'dear.

Love Cat xx


Its a shame but if you feel its best,then i wish you more love and happiness later on.but if you want to come back do!


Big Hugs & All the Best xxx


Just echoing what everyone else has said.

Good luck for the future.


Sorry to hear this time will be a healer for you both xx


So sorry to see you go. All the very best to you. Clare x


Very sorry to hear your news Gemma. You take care of yourself in the knowledge that you did your best!

I wish all the happiness in the world!

Lots of love and best wishes.




Sorry to hear you are leaving and about your relationship break-down. At the end of the day you only get one life and must choose to do what you think is right. Good luck for the future.


Sorry to hear, I recognised my other half in some of your posts. all the best and take care.


Sad to hear this, but brain injury or not, if a relationship fails, then it's time to bail out. Good luck to you in the future


Terribly sorry to read this, it must be awful for you. As one who has been through relationship breakdowns post TBI, I feel for you. Be positive, always know you tried your best and keep on keeping on.

My very best wishes to you



all the best gemmab84 always remember im sure everyone will agree. you can and no this

always pop in to site .even just to say how things are going with your life. you can always email me for any advice or all members as well . hope both of you . find and get the best in life .

love eddiex


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