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Hey guys,my partner has no sense of smell or taste since his accident but for the past few nights he has been waking up to the smell of smoke in the house,so much so that he actually has to get up and look around!he knows there's no fire as the smoke alarms don't go off and he can't see any fire and deep down he knows he can't smell anyway but it's so strong that he truly believes there's a fire!for him this can b quite unsettling as he is very aware of plugs and things being left in etc and he always does proper checks

Have any of u ever experienced this??

He also had a seizure 7/8 weeks ago,for the first time ever

They sent him to a sleep apnea clinic and he has equipment home to test him but the doctor is now saying that because of the new seizure and because of the new smell it's almost like things have changed in regards to the brain as these are new symptoms so he has been referred to a neurologist next month xxx

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  • Hi Gemma.

    Sounds like a good gp. It can be common to lose part or all of smell and taste and then imagine you can smell them.

    I was told it's like losing a leg but still feeling it itch. I have partial smell loss I don't smell burning or things cooking in the oven but do smell heat. Yep it's a strange smell to explain.

    The other thing is with having a seizure the smell could be conceded. ..or not. A common taste with seizures is a metal taste for no reason...It's like having a mouth full of money.


  • Yeah she's actually been quite helpful this doctor!i find if I go with him it's easier as he keeps notes in his fone to talk to her about and she told him yesterday he really shouldn't b on his fone in the surgery!we explained he can't remember everything he wants to tell her and she suggested a diary or dates and times new things happen as they may seem tiny to us but all together create a much bigger more detail picture to a neurologist xxx

  • Glad you have a gp it makes a big difference.

    Keeping a log book to write things down daily is a good idea. Or better still a daily journal. Write everything down as it happens including how he feels at that time.

    It seems pointless until you look back. You may find patterns, and find what really fatigues him. At the time things don't seem important until you are asked about something. If he's like me unless someone else has noticed I have no idea. So if it's wrote down it helps.

    It will become part of daily life and you forget that you do it. It's the same with prompts, build them into your day makes it easier for you to use them.

    A diary used to remind you of things is ok IF you remember to look in it.

    As to keeping a mobile on, like you it was explained why and now I am allowed to keep it on, but on silent.

    You may find as one oroblem is tackled another seems to come along. I say seem as it was probably there all along but what seemed a more important problem could have been more pressing.

    All the best

    Pax x

  • hi gemmab84 love since my bi I I cant smell properly or taste I cant cry .and a lot of times I get like probably the worst is like smokey metal taste but I think a lot of people loose things with bi

    but yes seizure s starting doing right thing going to neurologist right thing to do love if he has another one go to a and e love .right away or phone ambulance I mean this from my heart .take no chances ..

    while he's having one id look into seizure s on here or google all types and see if it was the same

    and ambulance if he has another which I pray he dosnt hope this helps x eddie

  • Thanks Eddieeb,when he took the seizure I didn't know wot it was as we were sleeping and I woke up to him

    Making strange noises!he had bit his tongue but I didn't know this at the time so I awoke to him unconscious with blood everywhere,it was horrible,so I called an ambulance straight away and the stayed on the line and talked me through everything until paramedics arrived!they were fantastic because I was in hysterics,I though he had died :( he hasn't had one since so hoping its been triggered by stress or sleep apnea and completely unrelated to his accident as it's been years now with no seizures but now he's lost his license and it's bright his moods down even lower

    Will keep u posted xxx

  • hey gemmab84 just make sure he's in recovery position an his tongue he don't choke on it,Theres alot of different seizures sounds grand mal the one he bit his tongue,with hun,as mine is more dominant when stressed an lack of sleep;so I get no warning,what I wanted to say was keep an eye of for glance fits.Not always noticeable as it lasts between 30 -3 minutes depends on person.He will have no knowledge of anything spoken then an will carry on with conversing on the subject you were on 10 minutes before,Only way of knowing or he's alone like I was,an came around an was in middle of road just a thought as he's had a grand mal;thought glances do come first if never a sufferer,

  • Hi Gemma. I have this problem, though my smell & taste were corrupted, not lost, so most foods and smells were tainted by something resembling burning plastic.

    Over the past 5 years it has improved somewhat so certain foods now taste ok though my sense of smell is more or less none existent.

    But just after I was discharged from hospital I woke up to a strong smell of smoke (just once) but put it down to a hallucination, (sort of sleep-walking perhaps ?) I opened my bedroom door in a panic to the sight of thick smoke so shouted warnings to my children..........scared the wits out of them for nothing as a search revealed no fire and no smoke.

    Any new symptoms need checking out after a brain injury ; most likely not a problem but costs nothing for peace of mind does it m'dear. Hope all's well with your man. Update us won't you. Cat x

  • It's fascinating but also scary just how much the brain does isn't it?i will certainly keep u updated xxx

  • ;-) x

  • gemmab84 hey no not waking up at night smelling smoke, but before i go to bed or my wife and i go out, i pull all the plugs out and double check they have been pulled out, this is something ive only started doing in the last year or so.

    i had my stroke 51/2yrs ago.

  • Yes I too have lost my sense of smell but this sounds like one of the many and varied weird things that can arise with our damaged brains! My neurologist was frankly useless (if he couldn't see anything on a scan he wasn't interested!) My excellent GP referred me to a neuropsychologist for memory problems - having waited for three years on the waiting list! He is fun and I am booked for five sessions next month about techniques to cope with memory loss (or more accurately not recording). Do consider this if your neuro is a let down...

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