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Left temporal lobe damage

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Has anyone had left temporal lobe damage or lives with anyone who has it. My husband is 8months in recovery from a brain injury & this is the area that has been damaged. His sex drive has completely gone & im struggling with this as we were very intimate before. Has anyone had the same problem? If so can it get any better, or any suggestions of anyone that could help us? I have been with my husband 11 years so as you can imagine it's changed our lives a lot & im struggling 😪

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Have you talked to your doctor about this? There are ways round it, ask him to explain them to you or find details on the internet.

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Yes we've bin to the hospital today & had an appointment with a neurology. Nobody seems to know that much about it to be honest🤷‍♀️

Hi Stacey.

I had right ,front and rear damage. Left side seemed ok. But suffered simular problems. Although to put it blunt the desire was there but little else. I have problems wit emotions but then it was found that my hormone levels had completely dropped.

This took a while to pin point. The treatment was firstay hormone gel. Results good bu kept aplying before showerIng ....Not good. Then wenter on to injections. These are painful I won't lie but results are great.

Not saying it is the same reason but worth checking

Pax x

Thankyou so much I will enquire about it. Sorry to here about your problems though. Right, front & rear damage? Jesus your lucky to be alive x

Get you husband issued some Sildenafil tablets. They should reconstruct your sex life. Good luck x

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Ok I'll ask. Thankyou so much x

I think Dr Diane mentions each part of the brain in her book on coping with post concussion syndrome and she discusses in detail what the consequences are. I recall more on her chapters for frontal lobe injury and task processing problems as that is what my mum experienced. The book is really quite scientific to start with and harder to read than some, but it might help you understand what is going on. You can get it on amazon and she has a website drdiane.com My mum is a text book case of some of the chapters. You can try Tina M Sullivan's cook book to accompany Dr Diane's dietary advice for patients, Nourish Your Noggin. It's not expensive.

Also ask headway for any appropriate leaflets. You can download some from the website as well. Fatigue after a head injury can also play its part in problems. There is a booklet on managing fatigue from headway which is very good and there is also one on caring for someone with a brain injury. If you have a supportive GP, you could also ask him or her about these problems. How about joining a local headway group if you have one near you?

Hope it improves soon.

J xxx

I also experienced this with my husband in the early days, but then it came back with avengance...!! The brain is a strange old thing as we all know. Really hope you get somewhere with the neurologist... definitely ask about him seeing a neuropsychologist too xxx

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Stacey77 in reply to mowgli123

How long was you with your husband after the accident b4 u spilt up? Did he have left temporal damage or was it different? Xxx

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