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Hey xx

Hey everyone,sorry I've not been around for a long time,life has been pretty crazy

I met someone pretty special today and it got me thinking about this forum again so thought I would check in and see how u all r xx

So today in school/work we had a young lady in to talk to us as it was health week!this lady is only 28 and has already won a silver medal in the commonwealth games 2014,been number 1 in Scotland and Britain and ranked 55 in the whole world!!she has trained in judo since she was 4 years old and gave years of dedication to get to where she got!a knee operation put her out of training and took away her chances of the Olympics so she decided to go to Vietnam n teach English until she was fit again!it was over there she was involved in an accident on a motorbike taxi where her long skirt caught the back wheel and pulled her off!she received serious brain injuries putting her into a coma for weeks!a go fund me page raised enough to fly her home and her then smashed skull is now titanium!she now lives with her parents,can't drive and will never do judo again!how heartbreaking is that!!shes very lucky to still b alive and through her well earned fame so many people knew of her and made a donation that helped with her treatment and get her home!no one will ever take away her medal and her stats and ranks but how sad is it that she will never b that same person again!

As u may know someone very close to me has suffered something so similar and unfortunately like most of u he does not receive the help that is needed!every one of u I have spoken to is extremely grateful for the second chance they were given but struggle with so much like personality change,mood swings,no sleep,lack of emotion etc

Anyway Sorry for the long post,just thinking out loud and grateful for everyone and everything I have ❤️ love to u all xxx

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gemmab not sure if ive read one of youre posts before, that was very moving. its not not until you lose the ability to do something that that you realise how much it meant to you.


Sometimes it is unbelievable the hand that fate deals people and then it becomes even more incredible how they then overcome it and carry on

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