Minimally Conscious 3 months after Cardiac Arrest

It is 3 months since my husband had a cardiac arrest and suffered a hypoxic brain injury. He has reduced consciousness, he can follow people visually, can pick up a ball and pass it from hand to hand, put out his hand for me to hold, tap his feet to music, appears to know people and turns to look at the person we are talking about and seems to answer questions with facial expressions but cannot communicate. I am told that his outcome is unpredictable and they don't know how much he will recover. I am hopeful for improvements but I do not want to be unrealistic. Has anyone got experience of a good outcome from a similar position?

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  • Welcome H. Can you tell us whether your husband is have pysio and/or speech therapy ? x

  • Yes he is having physio occupational and speech therapy every week day. He has splints for his hands and feet 2 hours a day and 2 hours a day in a chair. He has also had Botox in his legs and salivary glands . He is getting good care I think

  • That's excellent care indeed and, with more time and therapy, there's every chance of progress for your husband.

    I badly regret that my ex husband was deprived of such care after a brain haemorrhage (6 months after mine). He was offered a bed at Walton hospital but his wife, being next of kin, chose to have him transferred to a nursing home where he received mediocre care and sadly died from pneumonia.

    We were initially told he had the potential to progress and, from what you describe, your man's abilities are much further advanced than his were.

    Have faith in those good people treating your husband ; it's still such early days and there's scope for slow but steady progress.

    Keep us updated won't you H........

    All best wishes to you both, Cat x

  • Thanks Cat . Sorry about your ex husband that must be hard to think he could have progressed. They are doing everything they can for my husband and we are seeing slow progress. Just hard to keep positive some days.

  • Hi my daughter had a severe diffuse axonal injury in January 90% of people with this injury either don't recover at all or are in a permanent vegetive state, in the beginning the doctors gave us no hope of a recovery, she has been in rehab since February had Botox 3 times in her legs and arm, she is talking in fact never stops, sometimes confused bad shot term memory but getting better, just started walking with a Zimmer 2 weeks ago, reads magazines although suffers from dizziness, eats by herself, writes, still has problems with concentration but we are getting there it's just a very long process, the doctors still don't give any answers to her recovery as they really don't know, they say your husbands recovery is unpredictable because the truth is they don't know time is a healer when it comes to the brain, hope my post helps you to feel more positive, best wishes for your husbands recovery cal x

  • Hi Calrich . Your daughter sounds like she is making good progress . I hope it continues for her. Thank for your reply your post has made me feel a bit more positive 🙂 .

  • When he is able to eat and drink without danger, try the smoothies and similar in Tina M Sullivan's Nourish Your Noggin, use coconut oil for cooking, etc. Food can help him get better too.

    Hope he continues to improve

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