Little Bump On The Head

I suffered a TBI about five years ago and still suffer lapses of concentration and tiredness etc.

Yesterday I was playing with my granddaughter and banged the back of my head on a cupboard.

It wasn't a particularly hard knock but I felt dizzy afterwards and then was sick followed by a feeling of unbalance and grogginess. Today I have slept three times and am struggling to concentrate.

Anyone else found the same after a TBI? I guess it is the weakness point.

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  • Get it checked out as a matter of urgency. Any head injury that causes sleepiness and vomiting is dangerous. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Ya go get it checked now

  • I agree with Jan and Pat ; go to your local A&E or walk-in-centre and get checked. The presence of sickness and sleepiness suggests a degree of brain traua.

    Cat x

  • Thanks everyone.

    I feel a lot better today after sleeping quite a bit yesterday, although still a little groggy.

    Am off to Headway for the drop in sessions in a moment.

    I should have gone to A&E straightaway really but felt the same symptoms as I normally do when I have been over concentrating. It was the being sick that I was worried about most.

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