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Hi all ,

I'm 23 years old and I recently suffered a head injury just over 3 weeks ago , I was assaulted outside a local bar with a 2 litre glass bottle over the top of my head. I remember events before the injury but don't have any recollection of what actually happened. I was intoxicated at the time and was unconscious for a short time I don't know if the blow to the head caused me to fall and bang the back of my head aswell.

I was taken to A and E and had a small cut cleaned and a scan of my brain which they said was normal. I was told I would have two black eyes for a couple of weeks but that was all the advice I was given , I wish now while writing this I asked for more advice because I did not realise the severity of what happened and what would unfold.

I stayed at home for a week before returning to work and apart from a sore head which painkillers where dealing with I felt fine.

I returned to work after a week and started noticing problems with my vision , a flash of light which looks like a orb moving down the top right corner of my eye to the bottom which comes and goes randomly. A constant static fuzz overlay in my vision. Sensitivity to light and headaches that come and go. Problems when walking feeling a tad of balance. I also lost some of my appetite and started having problems getting to sleep and staying asleep.

I was immediately worried about what was going on and booked an emergency appointment with my GP , one of the doctors was sick that day and the practice was very busy. I understand this but when I was eventually seen the doctor I saw was not taking me seriously and seemed like she was in a rush to get me out.I told her about what happened and how I felt and she advised me to drink milk before bed to help me sleep and see a eye specialist or optician regarding problems with my vision. I went to the GP for reassurance and came away even more anxious than I felt before which was making me feel worse.

I visited a eye hospital close to my work the next day and had my eyes looked at which they said they could not see anything wrong.

Growing in anxiety and worry I went to A&E a few days later they tested my blood , after telling them of the symptoms I was suffering from they adviced me to contact my GP and get referred to a concussion clinic and that it could take me up to 3 weeks to fully recover sometimes longer.

I have since tried to book an appointment with my GP but there is no available appointments until 2-3 weeks.

So it's been 3 weeks now , my black eyes have nearly almost gone. The scab from head has fallen off .I have now been getting pins and needles in my arms hands legs and feet randomly and can feel an odd sensation in my head like some sort of pressure which shifts when I tilt my head. There is also a lump/dent I can feel on my scalp.My neck has been getting stiff. I have not been soicialising since my friends keep saying it's been 3 weeks now your fine but they don't understand what I'm going through. I'm scared to smoke or drink incase it makes me feel worse. I'm scared to play sports. I have lost interest in absolutely everything.the one thing that has kept me going is spending more time with my levels of performance at work has dropped also and I don't want people to think I'm being lazy or anything I just feel absolutely in a mess.

I feel as if my life is collapsing all around me and there's nothing I can do about it and no one cares.

I guess I am just looking for some support and advice as none whatsoever through this whole horrid experience has been given to me and I've been left to google my symptoms which is getting even more worked up as I now think I have a blood clot on my brain. I'm also scared I will randomly have an epileptic fit while I'm by myself as I have read epilepsy can develop after head injurys.

I ideally would like another scan just to put my mind at ease and my vision to return to normal and everything else so I can get on with living my life the way it used to be.

is this normal after a head injury or is there something seriously wrong with me ?!?

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  • Hi Jordank welcome to the forum you have been through a traumatic time. The problem with A & E is that they want to patch you up and dispatch you. Even if you had asked a lot of questions, I don't think you would have registered any of the information. They rely too much on scans and a lot of damage doesn't show up. I have been told repeatedly that my scans are clear, yet when other tests have been done they found I had a neuro condition, they said it would clear up but it kept reoccurring and now I have another one ontop of it.

    You have to be prepared to fight I'm afraid, your the one that knows your body best. If your not getting the support that you should receive from your gp, then either yourself or someone from your family write to the practice manager. I did and I had a meeting with them, and they stepped up, failing that find another surgery. You have the right to complain about your care from gps and hospital.

    Its scary when your being met with so many changes and your not getting the support you thought you would get. I would advise that you don't go on google it will only make you worse, they will come up with some horrendous conditions. It is only making you panick and making everything worse. Have you spoken to Headways helpline? they will give you so much invaluable advice, they will know what action you should take.

    I also would ignore what your friends are saying, your scared and need support and thy haven't gone through what you have. When you have any kind of injury/accident or illness there is always someone who turns into an expert. I am so glad that your family are there for you, they are the ones that know you best.

    Please speak to Headway first, you will feel reassured and have a clearer idea about what action to take. Of course we are always here too :-)


  • As Angie says, you need to speak to Headway for advice. You should also contact your surgery and tell them that you need an urgent appointment and ask for a referral to a neurologist. However, saying that, 3 weeks is a very short time for any injury to the brain to recover. You need to rest and it would be better not to go back to work just yet. Be kind to yourself and let your brain recover in its own time. You will hopefully find that in a month or so, you are feeling much better.#


  • Sounds like you have Post Concussion Syndrome which can take much longer than 3 weeks to resolve.

  • Hi Jordan, if you think there maybe more going on and gps are not taking any notice, you can contact your local PALS . They are your local patient liaison service, and will liaise with doctors or hospital, on your behalf. I was left waiting for brain surgery, for six months and contacted my local PALS and received an appointment a short time later, so they do work, good luck xx

  • Please contact PALS as Ali suggests. Your symptoms do seem like PCS (post concussion syndrome), the effects of which can last anything from weeks to months and which requires lots of rest, good nutrition and walks in the fresh air.

    And get printed information on your brain injury and PCS from Headway ; the number is 0808 800 2244 (free call - office hours). You're wise in avoiding tobacco & alcohol whilst feeling so unwell by the way.

    Good luck Jordan ; I hope you find the help you need........please let us know how you get on. Cat x


    A quick link to take you to Headway's website

  • All I would add to the good advice given above is to keep a diary every day recording your symptoms...

  • You can help yourself with diet too. Try Tina M Sullivan 'Nourish your Noggin'. My mum has had PCS and I used this book to help her. Each person and injury are different. The diet is actually very nice and healthy. Hope it helps you.

  • It must affect you in some ways. I think of it as the day my life ended. I went from an extremely fit, happy go lucky firefighter, to a cranky, hateful fella with epilepsy. The epilepsy was so severe I couldn't work for nearly 15 years because I was having upto 4 fits each and every day. I'm not too bad now, I've got heart disease as well. Sxxx happens. You're still young and no doubt strong, so that's on your side, so chin up and good luck.

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