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Neuropathic Pain

Good Afternoon.

I would be interested to hear from anyone that has suffered from neuropathic pain since their brain injury. I would most like to hear from anyone that has had success with any non medical treatments and that can make some recommendations.

As an introduction, I'm suffering from, what feels like, constant pins and needles in my left hand side. Thankfully it's more annoying than painful but I have been told it could be permanent.

Thank you

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I have peripheral neuropathy but it is not as a result of my BI so I'm not sure my experiences would be any use. They tried me on low dose of meds used for other purposes but I was allergic to one and the other made me feel so dreadful I could not function so we stopped them .

They gave me some exercises to do and oddly these can help. I use TENS as a distraction and use alternating heat and ice packs but so far I have not found anything that I would suggest comes close to dealing with it efficiently.

I wish you luck in your quest.


Hi Dougie, my GP suggested acupuncture when they could only help me with painkillers. It has worked for me but took a good 6 months of weekly treatments, not cheap because they aren't on the NHS, I had a Simply Health plan that paid half the cost but I am now pain free in my arms, just have occasional discomfort in my thumbs.

It worked for me, but it doesn't work for everyone, I thought it was worth a try and so glad I did.

Janet x


Hi dougiunited had a head injury last January,after a few months I got out of hospital .From day one I had pins and needles on my right handside and still do , I'm not on any medication for it .


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