Hey everyone

I just wanted to take the time to thank u all!i have honestly never spoken with such lovely genuine people in such a long time,and I am a complete stranger to u,so thank u!i just wanted to update u really!i previously posted on here looking for advice in regards to my partners mood swings and lack of emotion as it was all just becoming too much for me (he had a TBI several years ago)

Usually when I talk to him about it he feels like I'm on the attack and it can lead to both of us being upset or him getting defensive!after talking to u all on here I decided to tell him,via txt this time tho so he could process everything I said without a row face to face!i told him that I spoke with u all because I felt so alone and had no one else to talk to,I told him how friendly u all were and the different stages that u were all at either personally or with loved ones!

He downloaded the app and read everything!he read how I felt and how U guys had gave advice without judging!he read how u each have ur own battle but still remained so positive and still had time to help me!it really hit home with him!he was upset that I had to talk to complete strangers online or "do homework" on BI just to try and make us work!he was sorry and spoke to me about how low he's been feeling recently and made the decision to seek further help!we spent an amazing day out yesterday at the cinema and we had dinner and it was just like the beginning again,I had butterflies and everything!he complimented so many times and has started txtn more often and making me feel amazing!so I want to thank u,all of u,for helping me realise that he is who I want to be with,good bits and bad bits,hard times too

Thank u all xxxxx

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  • How wonderful for you both. Here's wishing you all the happiness in the world.

    Jan x

  • Thank u xxx

  • Aww Gemma that is amazing I am so chuffed that you both took that step. I think you were both stuck in a hole that you couldn't get out of without each other. It is great that he took that step to read your posts and replies. It has been helping you, but now it could help him he will start to realise how he's feeling others also feel that way. For you you know you have a support network. We're all here to support each other xx keep us updated won't you :-) ;-)

  • I will,and if it's ok with u I'd like to hang around for a while!i don't have much experience at all in BI but I'd like to try make someone feel better if possible like u all did for me xxx

  • Gemma you don't have to ask your also welcome here. We are all learning from each other. On here you've got the reassurance, advice, and support. Whether its someone with a brain injury or someone supporting someone who has. We all need to know that we're not on our own ;-)

  • How lovely to read such an uplifting post... it really does melt your heart. Wishing you all the best. xxxxxx

  • Thank u so much :) xxx

  • Hi Gemma it was lovely to read your post. I wish this forum had been around for me years ago as my family always have pretended that I should be better by now ! It was great to read that you have both taken steps to try and understand each other and it's warmed the cockles of my heart! ( whatever they are lol!)

    This is a lovely forum, I've learned loads here just from reading other posts, hope you stay around for as long as you need.


  • Thank U so much,the people r truly lovely and I'm so glad I found this forum,it's been a real eye opener!its so sad that so many people r on here because they r effected by something so life changing that they have no control over but at the same time how wonderful that there's a place like this,where people can chat and learn and help people with advice or a kind word when some days r worse than others xxx

  • I must say it is the nicest forum I found. I tried one for Grannys and they are a judgemental bunch... or so it seemed..

    i suppose if we were all in the same room at the same time we would be trying to get each other to lower the telly volume or objecting to funny smells or getting a bit tetchy ha ha.

    But we can come and go as we are able here and I've never seen anyone here tell anyone else to " get a grip" or stop moping. Carers and the walking wounded alike!

    Make sure you find some time to do something nice for yourself too even if it s just having a pampering bath with lots of smellies xxx


    TN xx

  • Awww bless I shouldn't laugh but I did at ur comment about all being in the same room lol 😊

    We have booked a holiday in July so our joint target just now is to loose weight for health and happiness reasons so I guess that's my "something nice for myself" and hopefully that will help with my confidence!we have turned it into a competition for most pounds lost which probably wasn't my finest idea to motivate him as he does like to win at everything and Is quite precise with numbers in an almost OCD fashion so I don't fancy my chances lol xxx

  • Both my hubby and i started diets in January, him two weeks later than me and guess what he's over taken me. We've both lost just over a stone and it feels great and what's more it's much easier when you do it together. There's no late night feasting at McDonald's or naughty snacks in the house. X

  • Oh I'm finding it so hard lol like an addiction lol my partner lost his smell and taste as a result of his BI so he doesn't crave things as much as me as he can't taste them anyway xxx

  • I'm actually on a low carbohydrate diet, not following anything specific like Atkins just limiting carbs and sugar. I have found it much easier than anything else i've done in the past as i rarely feel hungry which can be a problem when dieting. Good luck to you both and please let us know how you're both getting on. Your initial post on this thread was very inspiring and i really hope things carry on being positive for you. :-D x

  • Thank u so much!love to u and urs xxx

  • Hmmm... you wont be needing the box of emergency marshmallows hidden on the forum then !!1

    I bought a cross trainer in the Argos sale... it takes the hats and coats in the porch nicely!... must try getting on it now and then myself ..:)

    Take care you ...xxx

  • Ha ha ha I love ur honestly lol bless u xxx

  • Well done.........to BOTH of you for such positive moves !

    Hope it's the start of a more harmonious relationship Gemma. Onwards & Upwards ! xxx

  • Oh I hope so,I think we both just feel much more relaxed now!im not trying to hide my sadness n struggle and he's not hiding the fact he's been struggling n feeling low!the weight loss is just the boost we both need xxx

  • Oh that's great news Gemma! Looks like you both have an understanding as to what it's like for the other one! Enjoy life as best as you both can! All the best! xx

  • Thank u so much 😘 this forum is a god send xxx

  • It sure is! xx

  • Well done Gemma even when we don't have a BI it's still good to be open to change and forgiveness. I like you battled my partners anger and it is soul destroying but we too are on the up. Rarely do i see a flash of anger and most of the time I focus on the positive and remove myself from the room when he is on a rant.

    I'm so glad you had a lovely evening it makes both feel loved and that's a positive for anyone.

    Take care


  • Thank u,love to u and urs xxx

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