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Hi everyone,

By now you must be thinking all that I do is moan and try to do too much. This is probobly true.

This week I'm on my phased return and have to go to work three days. I have the insurance appeal on friday and have to try and get all my info together by then. The DWP in their infinite wisdom have also given me 6 days notice of my PIP assessment which is tommorow, which I'm sure will be fun. I also have 3 doctors AppStore.

Just so much to do....when I just want to lie in bed and take some sore head pills....it's just too much

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  • That's busy, but write them down as a To Do List get all your paperwork together and tick them off once you've seen them. Turn it into going into battle your going to take them on. When ever I've had to take dwp etc on, I bombard them with info, your assessment you need to answer their questions as if its your worst day. Think how would I cope with this task if I had my worst day. When they came to see me I had everything written down and told them exactly how I struggled. Bombard the insurance with paperwork, it shows them you mean business. The drs appointments they're there to support you make sure they do. You can take them all on, and when you do you will feel exhausted but feel good that you stood your ground x

  • Thanks angelfish....you always know how to say the right thing

  • I'm glad if I helped, you know where I am if you need me x

  • Good luck, hope they all go well. Xx

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