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MRI findings in hypoxic brain injury

Hi guys. First of all I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to reply to my previous post. I honestly and kindly appreciate it!

Second thing I wanted to ask, does anyone have any clue about whether the findings on MRI scans correlate with the severity of injury and potential effect on recovery from it? I mean, if my mum's scan was done 12 days after it happened showing basal ganglia injury but no other findings in other parts of the brain, does that mean anything when it comes to severity of the injury? Thank you guys again!

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Really you should be asking this of your mum's consultant.

I asked my neuroconsultant to explain toe exactly what my MRI scans meant. What he could see and if it correlated to problems I was having.

He was only too pleased to explain them in detail to me. We are not medically trained and cannot really comment on your mums situation.

We can only tell you of our experiences and everyone's scans will be different according to the injury that has been experienced.

Please try and get an appointment, which if your mum agrees to you attending and discussing her medical conditions, should help clarify everything for you.

Janet x


Hi Janet, thanks for your reply. The only comment I got from the consultant was that the prognosis is poor with hypoxic brain injuries. So no expectations there.


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