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Vocational assessment

Hello, I don't often post on here, but I enjoy reading what others have posted and find it helpful.

I was in a serious car accident in Jan 2015 (in Mexico) and had an acquired TBI (as well as a range of other things!). I was in hospital until June 2015 and spent the rest of the year recovering and building my strength at home.

I went back to work in Jan 2016 - I started at two days a week for the first month and then increased it to 3 (which I'm still on). Work said to me last November that they didn't think I was performing at my job level but they would work with me to support me. However, that support hasn't really manifested itself. This January I was supposed to have my annual review (everyone else did) but it was delayed and its just been postponed. Instead, they've just told me they want me to have a vocational assessment. I'm actually going to the expense of doing this myself (it'll cost me £1k), in order that I can then challenge my insurance company over their paltry payout offer. My dilemma is that work has offered to pay for this vocational assessment, which is fantastic - but obviously I want it to be as pessimistic as possible in order to challenge my travel insurance but I want it to be as positive as possible for work. This has put me in a bit of a quandary. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you

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Hi well you how rights don't forget that, but you are caught in the middle. Have you had any advice (law) you need to know your rights and what might happen. I registered with Which they have an amazing department where you get linked up to a lawyer. If I think I've got to go I to battle I would want to be armed with as much information as possible then it limits them trying to pull a fast one or overwhelm me with lots of jargon and info. Have you got someone who go into any meetings with you (employer or travel ins co) you can link up to advocacy services in some areas and thy help you. I hope it helps, good luck

Angie x


I agree with Angie, you need to get proper legal advice. I think like her that you need to take someone with you when you go to the assessment. Is there a union or personell department at your business who could provide you with a representative.

Give Headway a ring and chat about this, I am sure they know of the best people to contact for the most useful advice.

Very best of luck.


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Try contacting Remploy for more advice. Also, are you a member of a trade union? If not,mare you a member of any professional body? You may get additional advice there. Very wise to find out all the options. Good luck.


Thanks for your ideas & support. I'm not in a union. I did try calling Headway but it was repeatedly engaged and I gave up! So this is a timely reminder to give them another try and see if they can signpost me.



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