Tics of repetitiveness after injury

Morning all I hope everyone is ok today. I have been struggling with a repetitive blinking before and since my move of house. What you could describe as a tic... I wondered if anyone else has suffered with one following a TBI? Mine is clearly from stress or maybe tiredness... It's not something I've had before. It makes me quite dizzy then I think stop this. But it returns without me realising. I am going to a Headway drop in meet this morning so I will ask people there too.

Have a calm day everyone. Xx

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Hi there.

Think you have hit the nail on the head with the stress and tiredNess.

I tend to shake my leg ( like I am listening to music etc) which when tired becomes more previlant. Stress reeeeaaaallly makes it worse.

Not much help I know but it is a good way for you to realise how tired or stressed you are and try and do something about tacklung the tiredness or stress.

So use the tics as a gauge to how you are feeling. The more you stress about the ticsame the worse they can get.

Basically try and live with them and they may lessen. More importantly don't worry what others think the ones that know you won't care....Those are the ones to care about.

Good luck



Blinking heck Ro !................ Seriously though, that must be pretty irritating and invasive, and maybe more psychological than neurological ?

Interesting that it's happened around the stressful business of moving house, and blinking is often associated with nervousness. (notice how people blink rapidly if put on the spot).

Did anyone at the drop-in identify with the problem ?

Hope it settles soon m'dear, and that you're now settled in your new home. Cat xx

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Top up with magnesium and vit B12 - your nerves are weak - it gets better - it did for me. Best

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I have developed tics since my bi. But they're not called tics, they get called 'involuntary movements'. Mo one has told me what the different between a tic and and involuntary movement is......I sure they'res a reason . Anyway - embarrassing....annoying.....comical......surprising......all of that. Neuropsychologist has put been able to help with it even though he helped with so many other things. Mine are hand and body movements - and yes......stress and fatigue days are busy-body days also. I was doing a bit of eye movement but I dint notice it very much now,mso I don't know if I don't do that or if I do do that anymore. I think I knew when I did eye movements, and I think I could tell myself not to do it, so I think that's not involuntary - so therefore probably not related. Have a good weekend :)

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