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Brain Injury

In July 2016 I fell 8 feet and hit my head at work. This journey has effected my family and myself terribly and we feel like we aren't getting any answers. I've had CT scans, MRI, and x-rays of my head, the only thing that came back positive was the EEG. They've given me everything from Tylenol 3 to nerve blocks and nothing has worked. I've had headaches 24/7 since the accident and they increase in pain whenever I'm straining or critically thinking. I've also forgot how to do simple word problems and to remember things. Workers Comp is a joke and has done nothing but stressed me out and not given me any true help. Is there anything I should look into or do that might help the pain.

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Hi Sak and welcome.

Guess you are in the US/Canada ?

One of the key things after an injury like this is to rest and avoid mental stress. This allows the brain to have its own unique "recovery" phase.

Removing all the harmful things - alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking, coffee, fizzy drinks, processed foods etc. Replace this with all the things a Grandma would tell you to eat - fruit, veg, nuts plenty of fish, cheese, good quality meat etc.

It can take many, many months for the symptoms to reduce.


Hi SAK, just want to add an extra welcome. Sospan seems to have everything covered ; time/rest/healthy diet & copious rehydration will all help your brain to heal.

Headaches can be very persistent for many months, so regular periods of rest are essential after any type of brain injury. And the importance of drinking a litre of water each day (at least) was stressed to me constantly by my consultant after my BI to combat the headaches.

Hoping things will improve soon. Cat x

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