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ESA Medical Questionaire



My sister suffered a burst brain aneurysm in May 2012 and has slowly got back to a healthier life. She was on ESA in the support group until A medical assessment in April, when they decided she was fit enough to work. She is now back claiming ESA after her doctor signed her off after a work placement she tried was too much for her as she suffers from fatigue. Now we are filling in the medical questionnaire again and it is so irrelevant to her brain injury! Does anyone have any tips on filling out this form?

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It is important to fill it in correctly, there are ways around the questions. Phone Headway for advice or go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Our Mental Health nurse helped with our forms and it is amazing the difference it can make answering a question in the way they interpret things to how you might phrase something. Good luck

If you search on here you will probably find help from old posts.

I found the secret is can you do it repeatedly, that's what the questions ask. And yes I could do most things but not repeatedly because of the fatigue. I could walk 50 yds but not 200 at that time. I can go upstairs unaided but couldn't tackle multiple flights, so not repeatedly. I could stand for 5 mins but not for 15 mins.

I could move a box along a table but not repeatedly because of pains in my arms.

I could pick up a 1 litre jug of liquid but I would spill 2 litres.

It's all about providing the limit of abilities, be truthful I know it hurts to accept ones shortcomings, that's the most difficult to accept you are no longer the person you were, but this is about about having what you are entitled to.

Help your sister understand this is not a reflection of the person she is.

Love Janet x

I presume it's a standard form covering any type of illness/disability ?? But is there a section at the end allowing for extra comments, where your sister could give a fuller explanation of her issues ?

Sorry I'm not familiar with the ESA form but, if you're still stuck you could try Citizen's Advice who're usually happy to help, or visit 'benefitsandwork' online.

Best wishes x

Hi Sally,

CAB or Headway ( if you have a local branch ) can help. Have a trundle around this link below - you can click on the questions in the blue bars to get more detail :

Emphasis is on whether you could do the activities repeatedly - in your sister's case, she cannot due to fatigue. Definitely include the info on having to give up the work placement she tried, as a result of her condition.

Angela x

Hi Stamford Sally,

I would advise contacting headway, citizen's advice and the website, benefits and work. It's all about how you answer the forms these days and so it's really important to get as much help and support as possible. I've also enclosed a link to a guardian article that gives some good advice and links to a number of useful websites. All the best :) xx

The above link is a guide for ESA

Thank you everyone! Your replies have been very helpful!

Hi Sally,

I don't fill in any of those forms. All the forms are filled in by one of my parents.

BUT, if I did have to fill in any forms I would answer them referring to my worst case scenario.

With the DLA forms, one of the questions could be "Can you make yourself a tea?"

The obvious answer for me would be yes, of course I can make a tea but not on my worst day I couldn't.

I would feel like I am lying by answering with a "No. I cannot make a tea" but I say if plcaes like the DWP or government don't want, or think, you should earn this money then these benefits should not even exist.

stamfordfordsally look at the benefits and finace under topics be patient eventually anesa form will come up with points

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