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Does IntractiblePost TraumaticChronicMigraine ever end !

My dear 18 yr old grandaughter who should be studying Law at Oxford has been stuck in this hell for last 3 years ever since an unsecured panel of wood fell and hit her head

from that day she has endured stabbing pains from point of impact many times a day and they disturb what little sleep is possible until march they were accompanied by a constant dull background headache which then exploded into full blown 24/7 blacked out silent room needed migraine with nausea,vomiting,and affected by smells

14 solid weeks of that but despite being under "worlds leadingheadache expert " there does not seem to be any hope of a solution

all the drugs they threw at her she reacts so badly too ,IV DHEA was another 5days of hell,the electronic gizmo he praises has no effect

We cannot find a glimmer of hope anywhere on the web that this hell will ever end

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Hi, I don't know if this will help but it might be some reassurance at least.

I hit my head earlier this year, only quite a minor bump, and had to have a cut glued. I got passed from pillar to post by a GP who wouldn't admit there was a problem, despite chronic headaches and increasing dizziness. I'd been taking paracetamol because, at the time, the nurse who glued my head said to avoid ibuprofen.

I did persuade the GP to refer me to a neurologist who explained that the specific stabbing pain just above where the cut was glued was due to nerve ending damage. He also told me that the chronic background headaches could have been due to muscle tension in my neck, or medication overuse also known as rebound headaches.

I have also since been seeing a craniosacral therapist, who is brilliant. She is worth her weight in gold and treats people with all kinds of headache conditions, as well as other things. Might be worth seeing if there's anyone in your area.

Hope this helps.

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i agre the stabbing pains are never damage

the rest is def not medication overuse thats been ruled oued out by 4 neurologists

she has seen cranial osteopath and other neck osteopaths

(only good ones mind)

will explore craniosacral therapist more


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