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pip tribunal help


does anyone know if headway help with pip (benefit) tribunals my partner is going to phone our local branch soon to ask but i was wondering if anyone has had help from them with this type of thing?

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No personal experience but have found that the local mental health team are great at this sort of help (or there's the Citizen's Advice Bureau).

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thanks i have citizens advice doing the forms for my but they cant attend court so i was going to see if headway know of someone in my area to attend with me who know's brain injury's.

Yes i bealive Headway do help.at least fill out forms

Where are you living please? I am in lincoln,a headway volunteer also a brain injury survivor. I have helped several people with filling PIP forms .have been with them to a tribunal where they were successful in getting their PIP awarded. If yhis is any help to you?

im in south wales so no good thanks though

Headway helped me 100%

with my pip tribunal they were behind me all the way. They are very kind and considerate.

So definitely get in touch with them. There brilliant

We had a charity called Diverse Abilities help us all the way through with this.. they had a fee of £26 which was worth it as in the end we got about £8,000 back pay!! Good luck x

Citizens Advice Centre helped me: we made an appointment, ensuring we took all required information, endlessly going over ones problems is rather depressing, after the events focus on the positive!

Social work department will fill in and go with you to tribunal. My husbands been through it and welfare officer from social work sept went in with him. He was a great support to him. Hope you get help with it. Good luck

Hi I am going through this our local citizen advice bureau have filled form in but our local headway support group person is coming with me when I get my date

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Wonder if Leeds av that support from headway

Local CAB helped my wife no end, as did the local mental health team. The lady from our CAB attended my wife's appeal with her and was wonderful.

Citizens advice I used and they they were fab x


as a further option do you have access to a local law centre who could assist

thanks everyone i still haven't phoned them as our phone and internet has been down most of the week we will phone Monday though,i have a appointment friday with cab to do tribunal forms i have asked cab if they can attend but they cant as they dont have enough funding of staff in this area.

Iv just asked for help for my Husband who has had a letter to say his DLA will be stopping and he will need to apply for PIP. I have asked the local headway he attends once a week if they will write a letter saying how his head injury affects him while he is at the centre. She said she would, havent got it yet so cant say how detailed it is

The citizens advice were so good doing everything for me and Iv just heard I have been awarded the highest rate so I get to keep my car. I don't even need to go for the assessment. That's been dropped. If you go to ca make sure you ask for the highest person there. That's the best one. You may have to wait for that person but explain what it's for. X

had a email off headway Swansea today they cant help, to make it worse i have to go for a esa medical next week, i feel like they are bullying me now.

I asked headway and was given a letter to put in with the claim explaining all my husbands problems , it was very helpful in explaining to those who may know the complexity of a head injury. He was accepted onto PIP from DLA without an assesment but i would advise anyone filling in the forms to add everything from his worst day and that includes temper toilet needs etc no matter how personal or embarrassing. Goid luck

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