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Do not stop and think, don't get off that train!

Slow reactions, slow thinking, slow responses - easily controlled and easily walked over. Not got much energy so to do anything I need at the moment, walk the dogs as much as they need, watch and entertain my boys as much as they need, actually have my own identity and life and accomplishment - my self catering cottage so to upkeep that with turnarounds and personal touches, to have the ability to be available on hand to my guests when if they need - then to make sure I get my own time, massages to soothe my back and destress a bit, baths, catch up with friends (once in a blue moon!) on top of it all housework and keeping on top/keeping things in right place putting clothes away etc... all the appropriate doctors and dentist appointments, extra-curricular activities... how can you live a life without help and support?!?! Without relying on others, then feelings bad your having to rely on others?

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2 things spring to my mind reading your post....

No one is an island. And now I've forgotten the other one. Typical!

Please correct me if I am getting your situation mixed up with someone else.

There should be support available for your hubby for his PTSD from the forces or any number of the forces charities. Please get in touch with them.

Make enquiries too about any help available to you.

If I remember correctly you are in Scotland and things are different. Maybe a call to Headway could point you in the right direction.

Just out of curiosity....why do you feel bad if you have to rely on others? I know it's difficult but you have to accept that you are not Superwoman just a mere mortal and more than that you are one of our select group of mortals with dodgy brains.

Love n hugs



Thanks Phantom, I know, been a few weeks trying to get support and not getting it. I feel bad as everyone has their own problems/difficulties/life to crack on with so why can't I? And yes that's a conversation I've had many a time, especially with the hubby who reminds me that due to circumstances I need the extra help and not to feel bad. I know there's plenty of help out there for him but it's at a stalemate at the moment, nothing's going in it seems so I've got to a stage of just crack on make sure I'm ok and the boys are - he does do the majority of watching the boys and cleaning I do admit! The joys of the vicious circle... at docs this week to chat and hopefully address my 'mind' medication so hopefully that will help! And hopefully this good weather stays as that helps keep going, and dog walks obviously. Thanks for your comment though :-)

Take care and love n hugs back xxx


kmc do what you can and fuck all the others!!!!

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Most of all, look after yourself and the boys. .....the list is always bigger than the time available and more than enough for anyone to cope with. I know....I was (am, tho mine are pretty self sufficient these days) single parent of two boys.

Housework can wait/ be shared....if the boys are over 5 they can help a little.

Make some time for yourself!

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