Why you shouldn't get the flu jab


I think in America vaccines are a lot more worse than the are here.

I have had the flu jab about three times now and after every jab I have had the flu or cold.

People say you get the flu so that it wakes up your immune system to fight against the upcoming flu, it's all a load of rubbish.

Like I said before and many others will agree, there are so many lies in this world.

I've lived about 28 or 29 years without the flu jab so why do I need one nowadays?

Last year I didn't bother with the jab and I won't bother this year either. It's not needed. And a few years ago, bedore I was clued up, my mum asked my doctor if it was a good idea that I got the dlu jab and he said that it was a good idea! I don't think so.

I saw on the list that Aluminium (Aluminum) is in vaccines. Aluminium is what scientists find in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

Autism rates have increased in the US because of vaccines, apparently.

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  • It's a matter of choice for each individual I think Matt.

    But I agree absolutely that it should always be an informed choice and that everyone should be made aware of the chemicals within the vaccine and whether or not theirs contains, mercury or aluminium.

    I had the jab two years running ; the first time I was ill for months afterwards but was assured by my GP that there was no connection, even though I'd had it on the same day as my daughter and she too became poorly afterwards.

    So believing it'd been a coincidence I had one the following year and had the same reaction. I spent the whole of Christmas and Springtime feeling exhausted and headachy and sore from head to toe.

    I haven't had the vaccine now for over 10 years and, although I know many people who swear by it, I refuse it each year despite my GP and pharmacist insisting that it's perfectly safe ?? :o x

  • It IS a matter of choice and if you became ill after taking a vaccine that is supposed to block illnesses, I would think that there was something fishy going on.

    I think this is my second or third year since not taking the flu jab now and I'm glad to hear that you haven't taken it for over ten years and refuse it each year :).

    I heard some people at my headway speaking about getting the flu jab and it made me cringe. I wish I was a more vocal person offline sometimes than I can be online.

  • You & me both Matt ! I'm only able to string a half-decent sentence together on Headway 'cause my word-recall doesn't show. :o x

  • When I am talking in person I always use the wrong words or say things the wrong way.

    I lost a lot of confidence over the years and I was very anti-social too. I definitely think the lack of confidence has affected how I speak. I can't talk confidently like most people.

  • The topic of vaccines always seems to be a heated one and headings like "why you shouldn't get a flu jab" are a tad inflammatory... BUT I think everyone has the right to make an informed decision.

    Historically certain diseases that used to result in many deaths are now largely eradicated in the Western world thanks to immunisation protocols.

    Claims about autism links are a hot topic and there is no proof at the current time.

    The flu jab I really believe is one that can be left to personal choice ... it is not a live vaccine and so cannot give anyone the flu. It also does not claim to prevent anyone from contracting the disease if there is an outbreak... but it does have proven benefits for those who have certain medical issues that make them vulnerable and at more serious risk if they did get flu...and that is why I get it.

    Of course some people can have a reaction to a vaccine just as they could to an antibiotics. We are all different. If I had a bad reaction I might think twice about trying it again for sure LOL

    Flu is serious business... often see posts online from people stating they "think" they are "going down with the flu" or say they are "off work with the flu"... when if they really had flu then posting messages online would be the last thing on their mind. They most likely have a cold. It might be a bad cold and they might feel awful, but its a cold. The flu is something else altogether. It comes on pretty fast and makes you feel like you are going to die...and that is not far fetched. A cold makes you feel like poop on a stick but flu can kill.

    Vaccinated or not, I hope we all have a flu free winter :)

  • "Claims about autism links are a hot topic and there is no proof at the current time"!

    I think Mike Adams from Natural News would highly disagree there and many others.

    According to what I have briefly read, it seems Donald Trump disagrees with vaccines while Hilary Clinton is all for vaccines.

    There is a film called Vaxxed that exposes the dangers of vaccines.

    Like I was saying in the initial post, I think vaccines in America are far worse there than here but that doesn't mean we are safe at all.

    I know you said that vaccines cannot give you the flu but I definitely think they do. Everyone I have spoke to about flu jabs have had flu/cold symptoms, including me.

  • I am sure lots of people will disagree with me on this subject and many others... but that is their right.

    There will pretty much always be arguments for and against any particular topic and sometimes there simple is no black and white in these matters...just lots of shades of colour in between.

    I have said my bit and I am not going to debate the matter further...

    Here's hoping for a flu free winter for us all .

  • Shortly and Simply I had Flu Jab some years ago and was ill never again interestingly I am convinced that because I take the dogs walkies I have never had a cold for a long time (touch wood )

  • You're very lucky then, dilm :). May you not get the cold again.

  • Well, I guess I am a medicle miracle then :).

  • dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...

    The part about how statins may lower the use of vaccines is interesting.

    Statins: The drug that is supposed to lower your cholsterol when you shouldn't even be lowering your cholesterol in the first place!

  • I have to say that the last time I had flu a few years ago, I was incredibly ill in bed for a fortnight and lost over a stone in weight ( ended up 6 1/2 stone ). My reaction to the jab is a sore arm muscle for a few days and mild temperature/fatigue, which shows that my immune system is doing what it should, busy making antibodies : ) I have allergic asthma and a weak immune system so having the vaccination is the most sensible choice for me. I can appreciate that some people may have a bad reaction to the jab - glad that I seem to be okay with it. x

  • I'm glad that you are ok when getting the jab as well.

    My immune system has been weakened because of my BI also. When I was a teen, I used to pick up lergies easily but back when I was a teen was also when I had a very poor, acidic diet. A lot of sugar was involved. Hardly ate any natural, real food as well. Bow is completely different cos I eat a lot more natural, cleaner foods and have improved my immune system because of this :).

  • Like others I've not had the flu jab for many years, even though I'm technically somebody 'at risk' because of asthma (I took inhalers throughout my childhood, but no longer need them) because of allergies and I'm encouraged to have the vaccine but these days I'd refuse because I'm otherwise in good health and should be able to fight off the virus if I get it. I don't tend to get many colds either and think that it's a sign of good immunity/hygiene so my chances of being one of the unlucky few who die are slim. Nevertheless if I travel to another part of the world I sometimes get a cold or a case of the so-called "travel-bug" because there can be differences in the strains of virus from one part of the world to the other and differences in hygiene standards (other parts of the world filthy or we're overly clean by comparison).

    Of course there's always the possibility that there could be another global flu pademic similar to the Spanish flu that killed millions. These pademics happen because nobody has been exposed to a particularly virulent new strain of flu and the virus spreads quickly.

    It's a matter of weighing up your risk of not being able to fight-off the virus (old? health condition? virus strain?)/the chance that you'll get it in the first place (travelling? Movement of people? Hygiene standards?), all unknown but use educational guesses AND the risk you have some type of unpleasant reaction or that it harms your fertility or any other bogus-or-not-claim. If I was in poor health, immobile with a long-term health condition or very old I'd think very carefully about whether to get the flu-jab and whether any side-effects are worth experiencing (based on past experiences) in the knowledge you're very unlikely to die from that strain of flu virus.

    How about combating stress by getting enough sleep or doing things like yoga/mindfulness or whatever makes you laugh so that your immune system is ready to be called into action if the need arise? Stress in all forms weakens immunity.

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