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I'm sad

I had a night out. She punished me. I know I need to move out but I don't know where and don't want to be lonely when I get there.

It's getting colder now and I don't feel,I can do the teaching English jobs I've been applying for. China was easy for that but living there is too much for me.

Guess I'll need those antidepressants.

I think and am pretty sure there are mental health problems in this family but when I have talked about it makes them worse and as very damaging for me.

Thank you

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Just wondered if you have tried talking to community psych team ?

Also whether you could teach English as foreign language more locally?

Are there any assisted/alternative living projects anywhere near you ? I met someone on my travels earlier this year who runs such a project in Ireland and it sounded like a positive,safe place for people with all sorts of issues/backgrounds to live together.

Hopefully you can find a way forward ☺ k

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Thank you. I have some kind of offer on the table for teaching English abroad. I'm not sure if it's the right thing but it's a thing. I'm really worried about my mum. I'm sure she's depressed, stressed, anxious but hasn't done anything about it.

going abroad is a real option now. Maybe the plane will crash and my problems will be over. Maybe it won't and I'll be ok.

The doctors put me on time to talk. Still waiting on cbt! Yet again it will probably be too late for me😞

Maybe I can find a place here and wait...

Thank you. I would love any treatment right now but I have a feeling it's not all me! It's not fair to blame me for all their problems. I wish they could see sense! It's night. Tomorrow is another day. I'm sure this stuff will rumble on! People! Some learn, some don't. Cest la vie.



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