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autonomic nervous system

what do people know about this? I have  read that it can be responsible for:

Blood pressure problems

Heart problems

Trouble with breathing and swallowing

Erectile dysfunction in men

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Without it we could not be alive as it is the system that makes our body bits work that are not consciously directed eg heart beating, breathing, gut motility etc.

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As I thought it is pretty important. Appears like you're the right person to ask: can you check easily, if yours is (and will remain) working OK?


Certain illnesses or diseases can affect some functions of how the autonomic nervous system works. The way to rectify that is for the underlying problem (illness/disease) to be treated. The hypothalamus is I think the control centre in the brain. So damage to that area of the brain causes some problems.

Am a bit confused and puzzled as to what is making you worry? Problems you listed can have other causes eg being overweight, not very active can affect heart and BP. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by medications etc.


thanks, that sort of confirms my theory, for what it's worth. In the end, there is often more than one cause for nearly everything. At the end of the day, we can just hope for the best. Thanks again.


Not an easy question to answer in a few words as the Autonomic system is a complicated matter.

Wikipedia give the clearest & most accessible description.

My problem is I can understand what I'm reading but can't retain that understanding long enough to recount.

Look on Wiki Scruffy ; it'll tell you what you all to know !    xx

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Definately makes things clearer. Don't know why I didn't think of that before


Hi Scruffycat,

I had/have a brain tumour and the tumour is located on the brain stem, the part of the brain where a spaghetti junction of nerves reside.

During my first operation/surgery, the surgeon had big hands and I was only 11, almost 12, at the time. So you could imagine big hands inside a small head while trying to do as less damage to the nerves as possible.

As you could probably tell, nerves had to be pushed aside to reach the tumour and as a result, these nerves were bruised causing certain problems for me.

So some of my problems are because of nerve damage.

I do have problems with swallowing at times, I can cough and splutter on drinks and if I were to swallow while turning my head, I would almost always have a coughing fit.

It was around 2000 where my swallowing was worse, I would even cough and splutter over food!

I had further surgery in 2000 and my surgeon asked me to give amcough, so I did and just by that cough she was adamant that I would wake up from surgery with a chest infection.

I told my family this and they stocked me up with vitamin C before the surgery. After the surgery, I had no chest infection :). I proved my surgeon wrong. Doctors so not know everything anout the human body.

Anyhow, I later learned that the brain stem is the part of the brain that controls swallowing, speech and breathing.

I've had no heart, blood or erectile problems though so can't say much about that.

Take care,



sounds like I'm panicing over nothing


Why do you say that? Are you experiencing any of those symptoms you mentioned?


Most of them seem to affect my body, after the accident that befell me, I should expect some residual effects. I just wish I knew what to expect. The latest thing is tingly fingers and very lost feeling


What was the reason you asked? Or just curiosity?


yep, the internet scared me


hypothalamus disorder symptoms as above   also weight gain  

cause  bi    is conected to epilepsy and  mood  hunger sex drive  the peturity gland and more always go to your docters for proper answer

questions get answers 

time helps all 

goo luck


Thanks to you and everyone else


Are there any centres near London? Google has let me down too.


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