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Sleep walking/ talking

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Does anyone else suffer from sleep walking and talking !!!!! I rarely sleep but when I do its happening and getting worse

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I don't think I do.......?? But can't be sure.....

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Candace8 in reply to moo196

I only know I do cause I woke my daughter to talk about the chickens x

When I was still in hospital & just starting to walk again, my room-mates told me I'd been getting out of bed in the early hours and standing, staring through the window.  They apparently would talk to me with no response and then call for a nurse who'd guide me back to bed.  I remembered nothing but the very idea of it freaked me out.

I don't think I leave the bed now, 4 years on, but I often wake myself up talking aloud, usually as a response to something in a dream.

I was told by the neuropsychologist that it isn't uncommon after brain injury. x

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Candace8 in reply to cat3

I thought it was a side effect, is scary mind, I could fall down the stairs x

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spideyman in reply to Candace8

Its unlikely youll fall down the stairs unless you would if you was awake.

Was going to suggest a stairgate...but that might be more of an obstacle......

Maybe ask your gp for advice? 

I did used to sleep walk when my parents divorced...apparently I used to go down stairs , sometimes played piano and then back to bed....with no knowledge of any of this.....

Funny old things our brains! :-)

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I did think of a stair gate but thought I would prob just go over the top of it lol. I'm going to the doctors on Monday so am going to ask then x

Sadly yes - I wake my partner with 'accident talk'. It got less and less after a while but is more frequent at the minute. I wake up crying a lot but sometimes wake him up with my sleep laughing as well - weird :)

I do. It used to be physical lashing out and shouting all the time plus I got up one morning to find id done the vacuuming (as it was still out). Lots of times ive made a drink n the night and just stick it in the microwave in the morning.

I do still make noises during the night as I have a recorder on my iPhone that records it. I haven't got a clue ive done it.

The night terrors aren't so bad after I had reiki but they are still there.

It affects my love life cos it freaks women out if I sleep with them

Hi, since suffering from my tbi my husband says I talk in my sleep and I also on occasions walk in my sleep. Maybe it is because our brain is trying to sort out the mess it is in and is unable to shut down? 

Sorry not to have spoken for a while but I do read all comments and find

Hi sorry I have not commented for a while but I do read all information posted so thank you. My tremour is still the same but I suppose in time it might get better. The  news is since my TBI,  my tinnitus has been a nightmare but going to see Gail at the Shrewsbury Hospital has been wonderful. I now have a hearing aid which has help so much with the noise of the tinnitus, she is a remarkable lady who I would recommend to everybody. Kind caring and so patient, also the receptionist are extremely polite. Again my thanks to you all and please keep posting God Bless You All  Liz xx

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I had a period of Sleep walking for a few years after my TBI, I gradually stopped sleep walking as I got older.

I used to wake up and stuff my face with chocolate, and I mean loads. Used to wake up in bed with lumps of chocolate and chocolate bars all over. Was disgusting. It's when I decided to make sure there was nothing edible in my room cause of weight gain I started sleep talking, need to stuff something in my gob to shut it up lol. I kept saying I didn't know why I kept waking up in chocolate but guessed I was sleep walking, eating 

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moo196 in reply to Candace8

Hence the online nickname??? 


Yep, if you don't buy the chocolate at all, you can't eat it....

😄 don't buy chocolate lol yeah like that's going to happen, it's like saying don't buy wine. Just not going to happen he he. X

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moo196 in reply to Candace8

Well, then you only have yourself to blame !! :-) :-) 

I'm not allowed alcohol so you can have my share :-)

Hi Candy,

I can see why you would find that unsettling !

There is a part of the brain responsible for paralysing muscles during sleep, so we don't act out our dreams. I have had sleep paralysis, kind of the opposite, when your head wakes up but your muscles lag behind, so you have to wait a few minutes before you can move. I have also woken myself with hand/arm  motions, turning off a dream tap etc. but don't think I've ever actually got out of bed. I have had repeated adrenaline rushes, on point of dozing off, which gets really frustrating !  I get restless leg syndrome and sometimes get woken by spasms, if painful enough.

My partner is a much rougher sleeper, since  stroke. His legs must run a marathon some nights ( I have had bruises ! ) and I'm often peeling an arm off my face that has been flung about !

You say you don't sleep much - sleep deprivation  can apparently increase your chances of sleep walking. Have you been referred to a sleep clinic ? x

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Candace8 in reply to angelite

I have yes but I don't like the tablets. I'm there again in 2 weeks. The problem is I have that thing, just can't remember the name, it's where my blood going round my body needs help so the main medication I can't take. Seeing my doctor tomorrow. It is very scary. But talking about flying chickens lol what's that about. Need to see a dream annalizer I think 🤔

well I do, it only became apparent 11years ago, when I sleep walked out me flat window, u can google Helen moran Glasgow or headway, its a long story. But no help available as I'm not a child.

my oldest son has found me sleepwalking, obviously all windows have special locks on.

Oh gosh Helen. Nothing like scaring me more ha ha. It's ok I'm only joking. I will google you. Hope you ok now xx

Oh my god Helen. Iv just googled you. Good grief. Your injuries were horrific. That took my breath away. I really do hope you have come on well. All my luv xx

Oh and forgot to say 'hi' to anyone who's awake in the night and can't get back to sleep...roll on summer when it's daylight and we don't have to sit in the dark at silly o'clock :) it's going to be a dodgy day tomorrw with only half an hour under my belt and an early morning hospital appointment. Oh dear, such is life :) Early bed tomorrow. 

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Candace8 in reply to Elenor3

Hey I slept for 2 hours last night lol. Good eh. Turn my phone and I pad on silent. Sorry or would of chatted. Hope the hospital app isn't a horrid one and goes ok x

Can't say I do but while in hospital I had some awful dreams and when I got out they were even worse. No sleepwalking or talking though, well not that I know of. N

My dreams are horrid. Lots of anxiety x

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