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And ir was all going so well !!

I suppose I knew it would happen. After a long awaited awakening as to stop worrying what I couldn't do and get on with what I could do the bubble if not burst it deffinatley sprang a leak.

I will not go into exact details but something came up within the family which highlighted my inability to focus and think straight so as to be of real help. Spent a terrible weekend trying figure out a solution.

Or in other words I just couldnt switch off even after it was resolved. Hate it when I am unable to keep up with events.

Well the net result was a large nose dive of near depression that resulted in me scrabbling around trying to lift my mood.

Praying for sleep tonight as I do not want to end up on more meds.

I know I always say you have to live through lows to appreciate the highs.....but  I really hate the lows.

Ah well tomorrows another day ...lets hope its a better one.

Pax x

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Hi Pax

Those times really do knock your confidence. 

We get swamped by emotions and the complexity of whatever happened.  That means we can't see the wood for the trees.

The good news is that whatever it is resolved.

Be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up about it.

Perhaps a post next time it is all too much as I did before Xmas and the good folks of the forum really helped me sort out a plan.

An unusual approach to a good night's sleep is to tell yourself a bedtime story with all of the things that make you smile. For me that means bubbles, rainbows, child magic tricks, stroking pets and steam engines.  Oh yes and being by the sea with big waves.

More often than not I get happily drowsy and drift off before I can finish the story.

Wishing you a wonderful night.

Love n hugs



Thanks Random.

You have once again summed me up to perfection.

It helps knowing I have got back up before as well as the support I get on here.

I feel it will be headphones on tonight and chill out music wafting through my mind till hopefully sleep engulfs me.

Thankfully they are cordless headphone ( present from my eldest daughter) . Yes previously I nearly slept for a long time due to a headphone flex.

Once again thank you.

Pax x


Hi Pax, hope its a better day for you tomorrow.

Easier said than done I know.

These things are so hard with a B.I. 

Oh! Just noticed it is tomorrow now.!

Sorry waffling tring to put what to say.

Take Care Kx

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