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MP + Headway + ESA cuts

Since my brain injury I've been a little slow on the uptake, so to speak. Today while browsing I've only just seen some info that's probably been known for years in my area.

The local MP is a Tory and a patron of Headway Cambridgeshire.

I was aware that he spent time in Addenbrookes hospital after a serious head injury, as did I but was unaware of his involvement with Headway. Not just any old Headway branch but my local branch. ( I feel sick now )

The Tories have voted to reduce ESA disability money for people like myself  with the welfare reform bill that passed through parliament.

Not that I can do a damn thing about this, except the occasional impotent moan online and await the final take-down by the mercenary privateers our beloved government employs to kill off disabled folks.

The correct words to describe this I can't remember. Thoughts please good people.

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You can do something blacksailedtrailers.  Given your MP has needed the services of Headway he should listen to what you have to say.  Good luck and get writing!  Nothing will change if good people sit by and do nothing. Or so the saying goes (sort of.)


Not knowing your local MP it is difficult to say how "genuine" he is - if that can ever be applied to politicians.

The problem with many of the MP's is that they never have been in a true position of need. Even though your MP may have had a stay in Addenbrookes, did he then get the best of treatment from a private medical insurance afterwards we probably will never know.

However, the MP may be doing some good work for the local branch bringing in funding and it would be a shame to rock the boat for them


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