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Nursing home versus home care after neuro rehab discharge?

Hi, my son Steve is due to be discharged from his neuro rehab centre in 4 weeks time. He is 33 years old, wheelchair bound and unable to speak but understands everything that is said and happens around him. He can beat me at connect 4, loves watching films and has a great sense of humour. He is always so laid back and easy going with no behaviour problems at all. He has made good progress so far but he still has a way to go yet. All the nurses love him. I am struggling to find a nursing home in Somerset that has other young residents, they all seem to be primarily if not totally for elderly dementia patients. Please can anyone suggest anywhere that may be suitable. It needs to be somewhere that will help him constantly progress rather than just be a place where he will sit by himself all day with no encouraging interaction. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with him actually going into a nursing home rather than coming come and having home care, I'm still not really convinced I'm doing the right thing. Any advice very welcome.

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This is, clearly, a VERY big question best not answered on here IMO. Advice far better from a local professional with hands-on knowledge, so I would use your nearest Headway to the utmost, even if just to recommend a source of paid advice. Definitely best as you say if he is in a brain injury environment - given how fractious some of us are he will be hugely respected and treasured for his demeanour in that kind of environment.

Very, very best wishes,

Bards x


Trust your instinct. I can't advise specifically, the answer to this question requires local and situational knowledge no one on here has.

When I advise the parents of complex kids we have in our heart support group I always say the best you can do is ensure you have the best possible information and advice to work with and make your decision from there.

C xx

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Like all experts care staff however skilled are in effect one trick ponies ...brain injury is not dementia or learning disability or a mental illness....so choose a home orientated to brain injury no argument!

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alico2112 speak to the council about a grant for adapting the home for your son . also check out a poosible reduction in council tax because of the space required for your sons wheel chair and day centres in the area ie headways.

have home care, if he gets someone he doesnt like, he can just get rid of them cant do that in residential.

if your son is living at home and wants something it can be done there and then where as in a nursing home its not just him but many like your son.

not an easy decision , easy for me to give advice ( although i have worked in a nursing home ).

good luck

keep the forum informed please



Speak to Headway helpline, it sounds like he needs a specialist centre that will cater for his age and encourage more rehabilitation.

Good luck


Hey what areas are you looking at ideally? theres a place called cobbett house in Warminster although I don't know how old people are there and Home Farm Trust is worth a look but that's Bath/Bristol area. Are you looking for further South? Also it's worth considering a local day centre if the funding is there as they can offer a different environment with different stimulus once of twice a week? If local authority are funding the care home aspect then it's worth asking about day care to avoid further social isolation. Feel free to private message me if you want.


We have decided on Wey House at Norton Fitzwarren after a great deal of research.  They have resident physios & hydrotherapy pool.  The age range is 18-70 with capacity for 31 residents.  They have regular outings to football matches, the races, seaside etc.  We have visited them 3 times now & Steve has been with us twice.  He reacted positively & on the last visit gave a 'thumbs up' so hopefully he will be happy there & continue to improve under their care until he can come home.  He will also get '1 to 1' care which is so hard to find elsewhere.  Steve was due to move this Monday (18th April) but paperwork holdup has delayed the transfer date.  We're hopeful for next week.

Thank you everyone for your comments x


Never in my opinion think of homes. It will drag him backwards. Can you or do you get cares in, I had 4 a day. I was put in my own home with carers coming and I came on leaps and bounds x


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