Results From scan

My mother in law so the Dr today to discuss the scan results. My wife was with her and the news wasn't good. The tumor is to big to remove. She will be having a op next week to take a sample and test it to see whether it is cancerous. They discussed treatment in the former of radiotherapy/chemotherapy to try and shrink it. This as been a huge blow. I'm reluctant to start googling things like treatments and side affects because I know I'll just get loads of different Web sites telling loads of horror story's.

(Maybe one day we will all wake up from this nightmare)

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You will wake up from it Flotsan, when you're ready. I'm sure our brains produce extra Serotonin to protect us from buckling when faced with such traumas, so it can be very dreamlike.

I know when I was diagnosed with breast cancer it really was like a living nightmare. But even more so when my brother became terminally ill with Leukaemia during the same period.

At first it's too much for our minds to assimilate but, fairly soon, our brains learn to compartmentalise all the scary stuff thrown at us and then we start to cope ; we don't really have a choice.

I'm sure everything will be done to shrink the tumour ; there are cases where chemo. or radiotherapy has succeeded in controlling this disease, so I wish you courage and faith in 'fearing the worst but hoping for the best'.

Sincere best wishes to you all, Cat x

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Thanks cat3. I'm sure the treatment will be successful. I'm usually good at just "getting on with it"


Sorry Flotsan, meant to say, please stay away from Google where this issue is concerned ; it can lead you up some very dark (and inappropriate) alleys ! xx



I'm so sorry to hear your news.

All I can say is remember we are here. Anytime you need to off load some of your worries.

As they say a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

Sending you lots of love and great big hugs