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Post concussion syndrome


Hi I had a ccident at work early October a metal container weighing about 200kg fell from 4M, I had a hard hat on I've now been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome , I have quite a few of the symptoms headaches memory being around to many people with multiple noises confusion iratable vision I was wondering if this is normal after 4 months and how long can I expect it to continue my doctor is now telling I might not get any better this might be me from now, and to try and start to adjust and cope if it gets better bonus I am still off sick at the moment but I drive hgv and don't feel I can drive my car is there anyone else that this has or happening to that can point me in the right direction for more help to get me out of this

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Hi John

First and foremost ring Headway and ask them especially the best advice about driving.

Some people are told that ANY head injury you have to tell the DVLA and others have been told no.

I assume it was your GP who said that this might be it.

I was told by the neuropsychologist that natural healing occurs for the first 6 months and you can still make progress after that but you have to work for it.

Hope this helps.

Love n hugs


Doctor has just advised about driving, but I don't feel able or confident I drove about a week ago in a car to a familiar area, and aproched a roundabout and got confused and panicked a bit because I thought I was somewhere else, just worried about my license as I need it for my job, but doctor has not said I can't just wouldn't advise it at the moment

Hello John and welcome. There's a golden rule of brain injury and it's that no one can tell you how your damaged brain will behave or affect you in the future. We can tell our own stories and compare notes but, ultimately, it's always a 'wait and see' situation for each one of us.

Four months isn't a long time in terms of rehabilitation and you might see changes and improvements in some areas but not in others, but no one, not even the experts, can tell you what they will be.

For printed information on brain injury and personal advice you might like to phone the Headway helpline on 0808 800 2244 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Many, many folk on the forum have praised their help and practical support.

Please stay around and talk ; this is a wonderfully supportive place to come. Best wishes, Cat x

Dicko13 in reply to cat3

Thank you for reply I've read through a few of the posts, but I feel the more I look into it the less I feel confident of my recovery it's seems to have levelled out as I am now, I have read fact sheets on my condition, like you said nobody seems to know the answers to time, my doctor has told me this is could be the best it will get, close family who know me have said to my wife it's like he's lost his mojo, he is trying to be how he was, but you can see he is not, do headway or any one do sessions on coping techniques for this.

thank you cat

cat3 in reply to Dicko13

Headway can help with all manner of issues John. Phone them tomorrow on the number I gave you and they'll do everything possible to put you in touch with appropriate agencies to help you cope better.

Don't stop believing in better days ahead. I know it can look pretty bleak when you feel at a standstill, and men do seem less able to cope with the slow progress, but it really does take much longer than 4 months to reach your potential.

It could be many more months and, although it's wise not to give false hope, I believe your doctor could have been a bit more positive by assuring you that, although this might be as good as it very well might get much better as time passes.

Please make that call tomorrow ; there's nothing to lose and possibly a great deal to gain ! x

Dicko13 in reply to cat3

I will ring tomorrow thanks again

cat3 in reply to Dicko13

Good lad. Let us know how you get on please John. x

Hi john

I had my accident 3 years ago, and I have just started driving again now!

The brain s an amazing organ, and I don't believe it ever stops healing, although very slowly after six moths post injury!

Please get in touch with Headwat, as they will give you all the support you need!

Good luck and all the best!


I wasn't allowed to drive for four months after my accident. I'm nearly two years in now and though I still have some difficulties, I am so much better than I was at the stage you are now. I have been told that it's the first 2 years that most of the recovery will take place, but there can still be improvements after that. So frustrating as it is, four months isn't a long time in terms of brain injury.

Definitely ring headway and stay on here, it makes you realise you're not going mad and you're not on your own.


Your message really struck a cord with me and I suppose the first thing to say is that you are not alone 😄

I had an accident at work (large metal gate rebounded on my head) and I suffering from all the things you mention with regular migraines and balance issues. I have tried a variety of things - acupuncture, medication, relaxation techiques, fatigue management, therapy etc etc. The best piece of advise I can give you is what others told me when I first joined this site - 'give it time'. Brain injury in any form is complex and highly individual-we are all different and it takes time to recover from it. Diet and the medication you are taking can really affect headaches and it might be a good idea to discuss a referral to a Neurologist who specialises in these types of things. I saw the rehabilitation team under a Neutologist and they were really helpful and sorted out various bits of treatment. Your GP sounds supportive, but they are not specialists in the area of brain injury. Also try ringing Headway, they are extremely helpful.

Onwards and upwards 😄

Take care X

Hi there and welcome.

Others have already said a lot of what you need to know, but I would suggest you also ask for a referral to neuropsych because they are very good at understanding which part of your brain is not yet functioning properly, and suggesting other coping strategies. It does help too to be taken seriously by someone who understands the issues...the off the cuffremarks from nearest and dearest can weigh heavy at times and hearing someone tell you that this is real but can be managed can be a lifeline.

Stick around - this is a good place to be too.

Got referral to neuropsychologist. Phoned headway waiting on call back from outreach support worker so hopefully will get some help sorted thanks everyone for your support and words to make me not feel isolated

malalatete in reply to Dicko13

Great news. Keep on plodding will get there - we always do.

Loving life in the slow lane....mostly !

Hi there, just wanted to let you know my story, I fell on the street in May 2015 while I was walking my son to school, I hit the front of my head sustaining a big bump and black eye. I felt sore for a few days but not too bad, however about 5 days later I started to get all the symptoms of post concussion syndrome. I was on a week's holiday from work and felt sure I would be better after that. Unfortunately I didn't improve, I tried to go back to work after 4 weeks sick leave and knew I had returned too quickly, I ended up off for 4 months in total. I have improved a lot but I am still not fully recovered, as anyone knows this is very frustrating and can be soul destroying at times. Any stories I read never seemed positive and it seemed like all doom and gloom. I did feel like I had plateaued in my recovery at 6 months and became very fed up, but I persevered and now I do feel like I'm breaking through the fog eventually. The thing is you can have a really good day and you feel really positive and the next day you might feel awful and you start thinking you're back to square one again. I still have lingering symptoms which can be hard to live, has anybody else had these symptoms and did you make a full recovery eventually? I'm 18 months post fall and would love to hear some positive stories.

Dicko13 in reply to silverbunny

Hi silver bunny sorry haven't been on here in a while I've been attending a activity group with headway at pedal power, also a social group in Cardiff, it has been a great help to me, meeting people with different types of brain injuries. You have there experiences and how they've coped and manage there symptoms. It helped to know your not alone dealing with your new self. And excepting you've changed. And now I try to sleep in the afternoon, so when my wife comes home I'm not feeling tired stressed.

My symptoms seem better now. Or I'm managing them better. And I feel I'm in control of myself and except some things will tire me. I know when to sleep and not to fight it as it comes back and bites you. Excepting the new you is the biggest hurdle take care

Hi I just thought I would reply to you. I have been diagnosed with Permanent Post Concussion Syndrome I have a bit of short term memory loss, names and things, mainly, most days I feel OK. I had to stop driving for 8 weeks but I am OK now I have a sat nav a phone and I never have panic attacks. I was an ADI, Class 2 HGV (Tipper Trucks and PSV Licence holder, Rospa Gold Diploma Holder and I can drive as well as ever, I have a very slight tremor, I had a Subdural Haematoma, Ischemic Bleed back in June 2016 first off I would not sleep at all 24/7 for about three weeks then gradually I have recovered except for some nighttime sweating, panic attacks, these I believe are due to my having a complex whiplash injury, 1 year and 6 months later still waiting for a neck scan, the NHS have been completely useless, I am still waiting for a Neuro Psychology appointment 1 year and 6 months after the accident, I have slurred speech when first awakening and when I get tired, but generally I feel better by the day. Everything is being blamed on my Mental Health because I have had PTSD and severe anxiety depression since I was 15. I hope you are suing, I am it takes time but I need to do that because I had a fall and I was not to blame.

Hi there I just read your post and am wondering if I can ask you a few questions?

What is Permanent Post Concussive Syndrome? I read that and honestly freaked out. I am 15 months post concussion (my third) from a MVA. I still have symptoms- stuttering, tongue tied, short term memory issuess and occasional headahes (which used to be daily) I am taking norotriptyline to help manage symtoms such as balance, headaches, and stuttering but notice if I miss a dose the symptoms just come right back. Also, I am a nurse so am currently not working-short term memory issues isn't safe and Im also from the US-and this was the only blog I found for PCS.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. And I hope you have more better days than bad. Best !

Get your eye testes for visual shifting it often happens after head injury and affects the vestibularbalance dizzyness

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