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Ho hum

Nothing much to say.

I got my TBI in 2005. when I fell off my bike, in France. I was lucky, and I went back to work, after 18 months.

I am just feeling hassled, because it is not the holidays yet - I still have to go into work on Tuesday. I still have lots of marking to do. I have 3 doctors appointments on Monday and Tuesday (none of which have anything to do with the Brain Injury, as far as I know, just a painful hip & leg problem, which has cropped up since then).

On the one side, I think "Well, I am really lucky to have survived the TBI, and to have gone back to work, even though I am definitely not 'right' (I am officially 'blind', my balance is bad, my handwriting is virtually illegible...)".

On the other side, I think "This is not fair! How can I be unlucky enough to have a different, unrelated, problem? Wasn't it bad enough?"

Grumble grumble grumble...

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Hi Flumptious , good to hear from you again.

You are an inspiration, you have continued with your life despite the problems you have you are entitled to a little grumble now and again.

It may be that your hip and leg problems have been caused y your sight and balance issues.

My posture has changed, as has my gait, because of my balance and sight issues, I fully expect in the fullness of time to experience other skeletal problems, meanwhile I try to correct where I can.

Enjoy the holidays when you can.

Best wishes Janet x


Hi Flumptious,

Sorry to hear about your new problems.

Unfortunately, as we go through life, other medical issues crop up for some of us.

Your resilience so far is to be admired, I hope you can find some help for this new issue to make things easier. Hoping you have a lovely break, after your very busy schedule.

All the best,

Angela x


Hi Flumptious, Extra things to deal with take so much more out of us after Bi.

Grumble away. We understand.

Take care. Kx

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I guess it's possible that leg/hip got damaged at the same time?

But yes is fairly horrible luck!


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