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And a partridge in a pear tree

So, this year for Christmas, I've been given the precious gift of bronchitis.

12 headaches Drumming

Eleven Sore Throats Throbbing

Ten lungs A Filling

Nine Coughs A Choking

Eight Sleeps A Missing

Seven Lemsips Drinking

Six sneezes Startling

Five Amoxicillin

Four Christ's Sake Not Again

Three Lockets Sucking

Two Kids A Yelling

And Another Box Of Man Size Tissues

Ho, Ho, Ho. Happy Christmas one and all, I'm off to bed

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lol! hugs


Oh dear - sorry you are laid low but this made me laugh. Get well soon Baron. May the little Barons be overcome with the desire to be very quiet until you are recovered.


Not wishing to laugh at your misfortune, Andy but this is so my sense of humour !

May it fa la la la la off soon : )) x


Hope you get well soon xxxxx Janet


Sorry you feel so bad...but the new carol is worth the suffering. Dont forget to cough extra loud when within earshot of the baroness and mini barons.

Hope get well soon.



Horrid isn't it ; it's attacked me too the little swine.

At least we should both be recovered in time to endure the Xmas day chaos & madness. :O xx


But how's the toe?

I have a cold at the moment fairly miserable has to be said, though some way of broncatus!


And that can all be cured by nature :).


Get well soon matey. Yes forgot hows the toe.


Minus the kids I'm sorry to say I've joined your club.

Abscessed tooth pulled and infection still there and gone to the bone.

My own fault for not taking better care of me during the episodes of dogs , mum etc.

Mind you the iodine plug tastes lovely and festive.

Happy Xmas one and all.

Love n hugs



Bless you Andy! Wishing you well in the little town of Lincoln, hoping all lies still there whilst you recuperate and you get a Silent Night or two. Steer clear of the Cathedral in your festivities though...with forty choristers all coughing away it is a worse risk than a visit to a doctor's waiting room at this time of year!


I just popped in to catch up as I've been 'no well' . I'm sounding like a dead ringer for Barry White this week, either that or I've been smoking stogies in my sleep πŸ˜‰

Just when I was starting to get over my post dural issues and my blood counts finally started to creep slowly back towards acceptable I got hit with an attack of the Huskies.

Never mind, school holidays start on Tuesday and the little cherubs can share their bugs at home πŸ˜…

Here's hoping we can all have a healthy (ish) Christmas and new year.

πŸ’ŠπŸ’Š keep popping those pills BaronπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š



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